Artists and art enthusiasts converge at Greeley Park for event

NASHUA – The city’s much-anticipated weekend art show brought artists from all over New Hampshire to showcase their talent.

The Greeley Park Art Show started at 10 a.m. Saturday, bringing a massively successful amount of guests, exhibitionists and beautiful art under dozens of white canopies on the north end of Greeley Park, despite the intermittent rain and humidity all afternoon.

Artists from all walks of life and all levels of experience, all with immense talent, joined each other to both showcase and be inspired. Some artists like Jenna Phino of Nashua participated in the festival for the first time.

“Coming here and seeing other artists, it’s inspiring to see everybody else and how they set up and showcase their own work,” she said.

Although every canopy was structured the same way, the contents were each as unique as the artists themselves. Some artists had their work showcased all over the walls along with several tables full of miniature pieces, and others – like Phino – needed only one table to showcase all their brilliant work.

Artists from outside Nashua, such as two friends from Manchester, Rollande Rousselle and Beverly Descoteaux, also shared why they felt such a festival is so special for an artist to come to.

“This is my second year doing the association. I sold two paintings, so I wanted to come back this year. It’s a chance to meet other artists and to display your art.” said Beverly Descoteaux, an acrylic, human portrait artist. “I mainly paint people; international destination type things. It’s been so much fun, and I do it with a friend of mine.”

“It’s amazing how many spectacular artists are out her every year. Definitely worth looking at other people’s work for sure,” Rollande Descoteaux said. He is a fine art artist who enjoys painting still life of New England scenes.

“I enjoy painting scenes of New England, because it looks very beautiful,” he said.

The history of this fair dates back decades, as remarked by the treasurer of the Nashua Area Artists Association, Pat Silva.

“It’s been 65 years since we’ve had the Greely Park Art Show; this is our 65th,” Silva said.

She shared some details on the early foundations of the festival, and why it was so special for a place like southern New Hampshire, filled with so much artistic talent.

“Originally, we were just the Nashua Artist Association, but now that we’ve gotten in the groups from the surrounding towns, we’ve made it the Nashua Area Artist Association,” she said.

She also mentioned how much the festival has grown in number of attendees and artists.

“It’s grown immensely. When we first started, we hung our arts on snow fences, no tents, and when it rained, we’d just throw tarps over the fence. So it’s changed a lot now with the tents, and it’s grown,” Silva said.

She added that her passion dates to when she was a teenager. She shared why the festival was so special to her, and what her styles of artwork are.

“I’ve been doing art since I was in high school, so it’s been over 50 years. I started off with oils, since I like oils, and I guess that’s my favorite, but now I’ve been dabbling in the other mediums just to see, colored pencil, pastel, water. and as you can see, I’m doing miniatures now.”

Raffles with prizes and programs for kids like Come Paint With Us gave an opportunity for kid’s to enjoy painting in the park. Throughout the day, the park hosted two competitions, one for children and the other for adults.

The Greeley Park Arts Show continues today, starting at 10 a.m. and concluding at 4 p.m.