Man pleads to undercover bust assault

CONCORD – A Nashua man sought by federal investigators for drug and gun running, Raymond Perez, pleaded guilty Friday to charges he beat and robbed a confidential informant during what was supposed to be an illegal gun purchase

Perez, 19, appeared in the U.S. District Court in Concord and pleaded guilty to one count of assault on a person assisting an officer of the U.S. in the performance of their duties, one count of conspiracy to commit robbery of U.S. money, and one count of robbery of U.S. money.

Perez’s co-conspirators in the case, Anthony “Capo” Farmer, 25, and Aaron Sperow, 27, are scheduled to enter into plea agreements in the federal court next week.

The confidential informant bought drugs from Perez twice last year as part of the investigation, using money supplied by agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to court records. In August 2017, the confidential informant asked about buying guns, and Perez helped set up a meeting with Farmer, according to court records.

Farmer, Perez, and Sperow were waiting for the confidential informant on Aug. 21 2017 for what was supposed to be a gun purchase at Perez’s house in Nashua, documents assert. The confidential informant had $1,500 to buy three handguns from Farmer, and the informant was equipped with audio and video devices so the agents could gather evidence from the buy, according to court records.

After going inside and haggling about the price of the guns, Farmer seemed to agree to make the sale, handing a gun over to Sperow and taking the money to count on a bed. That’s when Sperow put on a pair of gloves and pointed one of the guns at the informant.

“You’ve been beat,” Sperow reportedly said.

Farmer then started to beat the informant, while Perez shouted, “Tell (the informant) why it’s happening,” according to court records. The informant curled into a fetal position on the floor, while Farmer beat him, according to the report. That’s when the informant appealed for help from a higher authority.

According to court records, the informant remembered seeing that Perez’s mother was home when he arrived. The informant started shouting for her, and when she entered the room, Farmer stopped the beating. This allowed the informant to escape.

A short time later, ATF agents arrested Perez, Farmer, and Sperow as they were out driving.

Perez will be sentenced at a later date. Sperow and Farmer are both due in the federal court on Monday.

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