NH Sens. sponsor Medicare legislation

NASHUA – U.S. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, both D-N.H., are co-sponsoring legislation which they maintain will protect the Medicare and Medicaid social programs from “partisan attacks.”

The Medicare and Medicaid Protection Act would, if it becomes law, require a supermajority of 60 votes in the Senate to make major changes to the health care programs.

“For more than 50 years, Medicare and Medicaid have been delivering health care to seniors and some of our most vulnerable citizens, including those who experience disabilities,” Hassan said. “Unfortunately, these critical programs have been under constant partisan attack from the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress, threatening the health and well-being of countless Granite Staters and Americans. This common sense bill will help safeguard Medicare and Medicaid from reckless attacks that undermine these vital programs.”

“Medicare and Medicaid play crucial roles in ensuring Granite Staters and Americans throughout the nation have access to affordable and quality health care, regardless of income or wellness,” Shaheen added. “Rather than strengthening these programs to help Americans get the health care services they need, congressional Republicans and the Trump administration have subjected Medicare and Medicaid to repeated partisan attacks that threaten the health and well-being of the millions who rely on these programs for necessary care. That’s unacceptable. I’m proud to support this legislation to combat these destructive efforts, and I will keep fighting to protect and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid for future generations.”

The Medicare and Medicaid Protection Act would help prevent devastating changes to Medicare or Medicaid by requiring 60 votes in order to make changes to Medicare that raise the eligibility age, change eligibility requirements, or privatize and turn the program into a voucher system. The amendment would also require 60 votes before any change could be made that would block grant Medicaid or roll back Medicaid expansion.