City mulls ‘yard debris’ law

Nashua requests $5.2M loan for sewer upgrades

Staff photo by Adam Urquhart Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess provides remarks during the Tuesday Board of Aldermen meeting.

NASHUA – The city law that forbids property owners from piling snow on streets may soon apply to sidewalks, while it would also be expanded to prohibit leaves, branches and grass clippings.

Meanwhile, Nashua leaders are also applying for a $5.2 million loan to fund wastewater collection system upgrades.

During the Tuesday Nashua Board of Aldermen meeting, members decided to postpone a vote on the “yard debris” ordinance until their next meeting, which is not scheduled to take place until August.

If members ultimately pass the measure, the city would prohibit anyone from throwing, pushing or blowing snow, ice, or “yard debris” into a street, alley or sidewalk.

Also Tuesday, board members voted to approve sending a $5.2 million loan application to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. According to the agreement, the funds would help pay for sewer system upgrades.

If the loan is made, the city agrees to repay the loan as stipulated in the loan agreement. The document states: “The treasurer for the city of Nashua is hereby designated as authorized representative of the city of Nashua for the purpose of furnishing such information, data and documents pertaining to the city of Nashua for the loan as may be required, and otherwise to act as the authorized representative of the city of Nashua and take any such other action in connection with this application as may be necessary; and the Mayor is authorized to enter into the required contracts therefore as well as any amendments to be made thereto or any other documentation necessary for the receipt of said funds.”

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