Exhibiting leadership: Lifelong Scout continues Eagle project

Adam Urquhart Pending Eagle Scout, Scott Kaufman stands beneath the pergola he and his crew constructed, holding a scale model he built of the final product of the rosary garden.

NASHUA – Pending Eagle Scout, Scott Kaufman, of Troop 410, and a team of 18 volunteers were out working on a rosary garden and pergola for his Eagle project Saturday.

Scott started construction back in February in front of the Immaculate Conception Parish, in Nashua, and hopes to have the project completed by the end of June. With much of the work already completed, he said after Saturday the remaining work to accomplish includes putting signs in and electrician work. There will be five signs, a welcoming sign, and four others telling visitors which prayers to follow. At the end of the garden there will be a sign for everyone who made a minimum of a $100 donation.

As far as the Eagle project itself goes, Scott said, “You have to do a project that gives leadership, and is benefiting the community by fundraising and delegating a team to do the work.”

He said he was talking with Father Ray Labrie about the idea of doing something like a prayer garden, and he said he had an unfinished prayer garden. So, approximately $13,000 fundraised dollars later, Scott and his crew began working. He’s received much support from different businesses in the community, family and members of Troop 410 throughout this project. Fundraising began back in September and wrapped up in December, but once people found out what he was doing, donations continued to come in. His mother, Jackie Kaufman said they received another donation just last week. She also said Scott then budgeted for everything with those funds.

Scott said, “There’s ten bushes for the ten Hail Mary’s, and interpretive signs telling people what to pray in the bible. There’s also benches for them to sit down.”

Adam Urquhart Three rocks will be placed in the center of the garden that read hope, faith and charity.

He said there’s also three rocks in the center that read hope, faith and charity, and a cross next to the flag pole for Apostles’ Creed.

Scott has been involved with Scouts since he was in Kindergarten as a tag-a-long and became an official scout in first grade. Now as a high school freshman, he looks to become an Eagle Scout. Jackie said, once the project is complete, he will present all final documents for his project to the Daniel Webster who then submits to the National Council for the Boys Scouts of America for final approval. This is then followed by an Eagle Board of Review, which will likely be wrapped up in September.

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