Board confirms last day of school

Nashua’s students and teachers’ final day of classes will be June 22.

NASHUA – The last day of school for students and teachers will be June 22, but hourly employees will have the option to work June 25, the Board of Education confirmed Monday night.

The last day will mark 179 pupil days for staff, whose contracts specify 180 pupil days. The Board of Education moved to waive the 180th day. The teachers will still be paid.

If the hourly employees do not work, they will not be paid, Superintendent Jahmal Mosley said in a recent meeting.

June 22 will be a half day for students, with the second half of the day currently reserved for professional development for staff, including active shooter response training from the police department, Mosley said.

To waive the entire day for all staff would have resulted in a net loss of about $270,000 Mosley said in a recent Special BOE meeting.

“So to give a brief overview, basically teachers are paid on salaries so their salaries are already factored into the current budget. The paras’ salaries are factored into the budget, but they’re paid hourly. And then food service workers are paid according to the transaction, so their compensation is based on lunch sales. Secretaries’ salaries are in our current budget as well,” he said.

While there will be no pupils for the paras to work with and no lunches for the food service workers to sell, there are opportunities for professional development, Mosley said according to meeting minutes.

The Nashua School District had eight snow days this year, including two in March. The discussion around the last day of school started in February and included several votes by both the board and the bargaining units. The most recent would have made the last day for students June 15 and the following weeks for staff training. That did not pass through all the bargaining units.

The last days of school for all parties were confirmed at Monday night’s board meeting, ending the discussion, just over a month before the end of the school year.

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