‘Make Way for Ducklings’

Nashua Animal Control and Fire Rescue reunite lost duckling with mother and siblings

Courtesy photo Bob Langis, animal control officer (left) and NFR officer Bob Scire hold the duckling they rescued from a storm drain on Amherst Street.

NASHUA – One little duckling had quite an adventure Tuesday, traveling from storm drain to storm drain as Nashua Police, Animal Control and Nashua Fire Rescue personnel attempted to rescue the animal.

A woman called officers to Amherst Street to rescue a duckling that had fallen into the drain while she was trying to round up the rest of its brothers and sisters, who had been attempting to cross the road.

Not wanting anything bad to happen, the woman corralled eight ducklings and their mother, but one waddled away from her.

Officers could not locate the duckling in the first storm drain, NFR officials said, so they followed the trail to the next one, where they heard quacks leading them to yet another drain.

There, they were able to spot the little yellow and brown bird, remove the cover and rescue it.

The lucky duck was reunited with its family, and all were transported safely to a small pond off Cotton Road, police said.