The Lady Project returns to Nashua

Non-profit, membership organization that connects and elevates women revived

NSH Team from L to R: Andrea Rodriguez, Co-City Manager; Ashley Young, Co-City Manager, Kelli Wholey, Photographer; Jenna Smith, PR/Communication Manager; Kristin Goodwin, Graphic Designer.

NASHUA – After the previous chapter faded out, a group Nashua women are looking to revive the Nashua Chapter of The Lady Project.

The Lady Project is an economic development nonprofit and membership organization connecting, inspiring and showcasing women doing things through membership, events and community engagement, with chapters nationwide and over 1,000 members. The previous Nashua Chapter had some activity between 2014 and 2016 but with leaders moving out of town it faded out.

Co-City Manager with the NSH Chapter Andrea Rodriguez said people leaving for career and professional advancements was what led to it fading out. She was also a member of that previous chapter and said she had to leave once she had her son to step back as others did.

An official relaunch of the NSH Chapter was held with an event at Local Beauty Barre Friday, April 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The nonprofit brings women together for education, fitness, social responsibility and fun in the community.

“It was a joint effort with Ashley,” Rodriguez said, adding that, “I knew Ashley through high school but our circles never crossed until this came up and I found her through LinkedIn and approached her in fall of this past year. I asked her to join me in this crazy, wild ride of reviving and bringing it to women of the community, and she accepted the challenge.”

Currently, this revived chapter is the only one in the state of New Hampshire, and Rodriguez said it’s also the smallest chapter in terms of its city presence and population compared to various chapters falling under The Lady Project umbrella.

“There’s 18 total chapters across the U.S. with about 1,000 members amongst those 18 chapters,” Co-City Manager Ashley Young said.

To give an idea of the sizes of other cities where Chapters operate out of young said there’s Chapters in Boston, Tampa, New York City, Providence and more. Young said she thought this would be a unique opportunity to show what Nashua is about, even being a smaller city.

“In addition to what we as a national organization represent, the three pillars of connect, showcase and inspire, it’s that ability to join an inclusive community,” Rodriguez said, adding that, “It’s more about like mindedness, but is entrepreneurial in a sense, but really it’s about being an awesome lady and finding a community of women you want to connect with.”

As long as one identifies as a woman, they’re welcome to be a member, whether a mom, a student or retired woman looking for that sort of community. Many eager women in the community expressed interest in becoming members last Friday, April 13 at their official relaunch.

“Part of what The Lady Project is all about is that non-profit support piece, whether it’s raising money at an event or a volunteer day,” Young said.

She also said the Chapter is open to opportunities to partner with other organizations.

Rodriguez said a point she wanted to hammer home was that there’s no one set demographic among the group.

“We’re an inclusive group of all like minded women,” Rodriguez said, adding that, “All are welcome to join in.”

People interested in becoming a member or learning more about the Chapter can visit their social media channels to stay up to date. They’re on both Instagram and Facebook.

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