Town Hall Meetings set for each ward

NASHUA – With the goal of hearing ideas and concerns of residents in every ward throughout the city, Mayor Jim Donchess will be hosting Town Hall Meetings in all nine wards of Nashua during April and May.

Donchess will begin each meeting by sharing what’s going on in the city and then provide time for questions and discussion. Since taking office, he has regularly hosted these meetings, and he said they’re essential to understanding what’s going on in the city.

“In my time as mayor, I’ve learned that speaking with Nashuans in each ward helps me to better understand the city as a whole,” Donchess said. “I want to hear from as many residents with as many different perspectives as possible.”

All Town Hall Meetings are schedule for 7 p.m. on the days and at the locations listed below:

 Ward 4 – April 12, Amherst Street Elementary School;

 Ward 6 – April 16, Fairgrounds Elementary School;

 Ward 7 – April 19, Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School;

 Ward 2 – April 25, Charlotte Avenue Elementary School;

 Ward 8 – April 30, Bicentennial Elementary School;

 Ward 1 – May 1, Broad Street Elementary School;

 Ward 3 – May 7, Amherst Street Elementary School;

 Ward 5 – May 14, Main Dunstable Elementary School;

 Ward 9 – May 31, New Searles Elementary School.