Board votes to extend school day

NASHUA – The Board of Education voted six to two to add seven minutes at the beginning of the school day and seven minutes at the end of the day, starting Feb. 5.

Board members Howard Coffman and Doris Hohensee were both in favor of adding 14 minutes at the end instead, citing last year’s consensus, routine disruption and safety concerns.

Nashua Teachers’ Union President Adam Marcoux said, with the 14 minutes split evenly, the “burden is equally shared amongst the 17 schools,” so that late-release schools are not there too late, and that teachers are not obligated to make up the entire 14 minutes in one period.

“There’s no easy way to try to make up the days,” Superintendent Jahmal Mosley said. The motion prevents students from attending school on summer days and would make up three of the lost days.

This “puts us in range for meeting and/or exceeding the minimum required hour of academic instruction,” Mosley said in a memo.

With any addition to the work day, Marcoux said that all 1,600 members in the union must vote. He will take it to the NTU on Wednesday, he said.