Nashua North Choir, Sinfonietta Strings to host joint show

NASHUA – To see the future of the arts in the community, one need look no farther than the Nashua High School North auditorium Wednesday night, Brianne Biastoff, NHSN choral director said.

The group will pair with Sinfonietta Strings of Greater Nashua for a special concert at 6:30 p.m.; the first time either of the groups have played music together.

“We’re very excited,” Biastoff said. “We have done a lot of contemporary music recently, and most of the students have never sung anything from the classic repertoire.”

The concert will showcase the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Orlande de Lassus, Felix Mendelssohn and more, with the majority in Italian and Latin.

The finale will be Franz Schubert’s Mass in G for choir, soloists and orchestra. It is the one piece that Sinfonietta Strings will be accompanying the group on, and Biastoff said, is extra special because most high schools no longer have an orchestra.

Nancy Goodwin, the director of Sinfonietta Strings, a United Way program that teaches violin and viola, said that 18 of her most advanced students will be performing.

“We’re thrilled,” she said. “This is a big step forward for them.”

The piece is a fairly long one, she said, and it will be good for them to play with vocalists. The students in Wednesday night’s concerts, in seventh to 12th grade, have all been playing for around five years, since the program was started.

Sinfonietta Strings and the Choir will have a “flipped” performance Feb. 5 as well, in which the concert will be primarily the orchestra, with the choral group participating in one of the numbers.

Both directors said their students are very excited for the concert.

While admission is free, there is a suggested donation of $6.

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