Bedford schools make the grade

Hollis Brookline also cracks top 200 in study

The Bedford School District was ranked 20th in a list of the Top 500 school districts nationwide by, the website for the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

Also representing Greater Nashua, Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District was 199th on the list. evaluated data from nearly 10,000 school districts in the country, factoring in poverty rates, school funding, drop-out rates and student performance in math and reading assessments.

“Obviously we are delighted,” Bedford School District Superintendent Chip McGee said. “There are 1,000 ways of measuring this but it’s always good to hear when people are saying nice things.”

“I am extremely proud of this school district,” he said, but wanted to acknowledge the “enormous advantages” the district has because of financially stable, school-focused families.

“Our students show up fed with breakfast” he said, “and their parents reviewed the quiz with them the night before,” whereas other districts may not have those privileges.

He said that he is pleased with the ranking and credits the hardworking students, teachers and families in the district.

Three more New Hampshire school districts joined Bedford and Hollis Brookline on the list: Dresden School District – which includes Hanover – at 104; Oyster River Cooperative School District at 298; and Bow School District at No. 334.

The top three school districts ranked were Naperville, Illinois; Morton, Illinois; and Lexington, Massachusetts.

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