Attorney fills gap in legal education at Senior Center

NASHUA – Legal education is being provided at the Nashua Senior Activity Center through seminars delivered by local Attorney Bob Bartis. Initially, the intention was to deliver just one seminar, but after a strong contingent of attendees showed interest and asked questions, Bartis came back to the center for more.

At 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 18, he will deliver his third seminar, in what may turn into a series. This upcoming seminar is entitled “Trusts – Who Needs Them Anyway?”

Bartis said the upcoming event, “Is really a product of the questions and answers from the last couple seminars,” adding that, “When Judy (Porter) and I started formulating it, we thought it would be a one-time seminar, and 30 to 40 people showed up. People had questions, and all of a sudden before the end, we decided it would be a series, and I’ve already had requests to repeat the two we’ve already done.”

Development Director Judy Porter said Bartis did his first seminar at the Senior Center back in the fall, entitled “The Four Key Legal Documents that Everyone Needs.” She said that seminar was attended by more than 30 people, where attendees asked for one on probate.

So, the next seminar, which was in November, was entitled “Probate and Trusts.” That second one drew even more people out, with more than 50 in attendance, some of whom once again sought more details on trusts.

In reference to those past seminars, Bartis said, “We stayed after and fielded questions. If people have questions, we keep it going, because there’s no point in going on to the next topic if I’m not bringing the participants along with it.”

Bartis has been an attorney for 18 year, 11 of which were spent in Nashua, and seven in Merrimack before he recently transitioned back to Nashua over Labor Day 2017. With an extensive background, he looks to fill a void in legal education for those attending his seminars at the Senior Center.

Porter said people have benefited greatly from his seminars and that it took a lot of the anxiety away for them.

“They had a resource they could now come to,” Porter said.

She said the center will be redoing “The Four Key Legal Documents that Everyone Needs” in the spring, because so many people told others that this was really good.

“I think they are kind of evolving into a series right now based on what people want,” Porter said, adding that, “As topics come up, we develop programs to go with them, and even though he’s busy with a million different businesses and being an attorney, he finds the time to fit them in. We’re very grateful to have someone of that caliber to volunteer time at the Senior Center putting on these seminars.”

People interested in attending the event can register either in person at the Center or over the phone by calling 603-889-6155. The event is free, but it’s asked that people register so they can get an idea of what size room will be needed for the event.

Porter said that Bartis has this unique ability to connect with members of the audience, and “Disseminate information in a very understandable manner.”

“Both of my parents were school teachers, so for me not being a school teacher but still getting to educate satisfies some component of my makeup here.”

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