Free expo a hit at Pheasant Lane Mall

Adam Urquhart Reva Belmore and Stacey Cayer give an example of how one would get their blood pressure checked.

NASHUA – Pheasant Lane Mall teamed up with Lowell General Hospital, Circle Health and other partners to host a Circle Health and Wellness Expo Saturday afternoon.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about keeping their minds and bodies healthy, while also getting wellness screenings if they chose to from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. All the information and screenings were free.

“Half the event is education, and the other half is screenings,” said Kate Elkins, family resource and outreach coordinator for the Center for Community Health and Wellness at LGH.

She said the screenings provide tangible numbers that open the door to people having conversations about their health, and if they receive high or abnormal numbers, that person can then receive a referral.

Adam Urquhart People stop by the different tables for health information and screenings at the Circle Health and Wellness Expo.

Although some people had this event marked on their calendar, others who were just out and about shopping at the mall had the chance to stop in and check out the multiple tables set up at Center Court between JCPenney and the food court.

“Everyone’s busy, and people either knew about the event or just happened to be in the mall. They can get info they may not get normally by being in the right place at the right time,” said Mary Kayajanian, area assistant director of marketing for Pheasant Lane Mall.

She said people have stopped by the different tables at the expo in waves; however, not every table featured people from LGH. There were others from Sleep Number and Sephora in the mall, as well as a couple others. Circle Health is the parent organization to LGH.

Kayajanian said they’ve worked together over the years sponsoring different events, such as their mall walking program. The program runs Monday through Saturday, starting at 8 a.m. and Sunday’s at 9 a.m., where the mall opens up early and allows people to utilize the inside of the property to take laps and get a little exercise. After doing their laps, some will sit down and talk with a cup of coffee and even engage with some of the staff complimenting them or suggesting new ideas for the mall. Along with that sponsorship, they host three to four other events a year. Other events they work together on include a heart health fair and teddy bear clinic.

“This one here is more encompassing to everyone and anyone can benefit from it,’ Kayajanian said.

Adam Urquhart People stop by the different tables for health information and screenings at the Circle Health and Wellness Expo.

Tables set up at the expo featured weight management, breast health, prostate health, substance abuse prevention, diabetes health and glucose screenings, heart health and blood pressure, BMI screenings, health education, raffle prizes and more.

LGH nurse practitioner Judy Pentedemos was one of five running the diabetes health and glucose screenings table.

“The first gentlemen who came had a blood sugar of 269, which is abnormal, and he didn’t know it. I gave him information and referred him to a doctor,” Pentedemos said.

She said usually at a fair like this, they find two or three people who have high blood sugar that they were unaware of before the screening.

She said the event was well attended with people stopping by in spurts.

Adam Urquhart From left to right RN Brittany Eramo, Volunteer Angie Aldebol, Nurse Practitioner Judy Pentedemos, RN Karen Gallagher and NA Jessica DaSilva run the diabetes health and glucose screening table at the Circle Health and Wellness Expo.

“People have asked good questions about health, and I’m happy to answer them,” Pentedemos said.

“We’re not just a mall, but we also have other amenities and services. It’s a place for the community, not just a place to buy a shirt and leave,” Kayajanian said.

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