Judge to decide on athlete’s suspension

NASHUA – Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Jacalyn Colburn is expected to rule soon on whether or not a Nashua High School North student will remain suspended from sports.

The student was banned from athletics after he was charged with criminal mischief for reportedly driving his truck onto sports fields, damaging them, during an incident that took place during the summer break. The student’s father, Joseph Priore, does not dispute the criminal charge, but he says that the district is wrong to punish his son with a suspension.

Priore filed for an injunction against the school district earlier this month, and was granted a hearing on Friday in the Nashua court. Colburn is expected to rule on the matter soon, though no order had been granted Friday afternoon.

Before going to court, Priore and his son appealed to the school, the Board of Education and Superintendent Jahmal Mosley. Priore claims that the school cannot suspend his son from school sports for behavior that happened while school was out of session. He claims the school district’s own rules only pertain to the school year, and do not cover the summer break.

The teen has to pay restitution to repair the damaged fields, and Priore made his son perform 32 hours of community service. He’s concerned that the school’s suspension will harm his son’s chances of going to a Division I school.