Nashua Vietnamese restaurant set to close this month

Photo by ANDREW SYLVIA The Vietnam Noodle House restaurant will close its doors on Saturday, July 22.

NASHUA – Just a few steps from the corner of Temple and Main streets lies one of Nashua’s culinary treasures, one that is on the verge of fading away forever.

The Vietnam Noodle House is closing its doors after more than a decade at its 138 Main St. location. Posted in the window is a handwritten note saying Saturday, July 22, will be the final day of business; it also thanks the loyal customers for their patronage over the years and asks them to post any photos of the Vietnamese food they love to the restaurant’s social media pages.

Hon Pham and Pam Ngyuen, the current owners, will soon be retiring from their lives as restaurateurs, just short of the couple’s 11th year operating the business. Since taking over stewardship of the Noodle House from its prior owners, as well as a Vietnamese-style sandwich shop they ran for several years before coming to Main Street, the family decided that it was time to move on.

According to Lina Nguyen, one of Hon and Pam’s children working at the restaurant, the decision had been in the making for a while.

“(They) had been thinking about doing this for a few years,” said Nguyen. “When you get older, you feel your body isn’t working as well.”

After the announcement, Lina and other members of the family received an outpouring of sadness and appreciation from regular customers who traveled as far as two hours to order their favorite items off the menu.

Many of those regulars, such as Theresa Roux of Chelmsford, Mass., came to the restaurant for its breadth of non-meat items.

Recently, Roux was only able to get up to the Vietnam Noodle House every few months, not as much as she says she’d like. However, she notes that she visited the restaurant far more frequently for most of the past 10 years.

In early July, Roux came back and ordered a bowl of Canh Chua, a sweet and sour soup flavored with tomatoes, pineapple, bean sprouts and other various vegetables.

“When I learned they were closing, I was bummed out,” she said. “This is the only place you can go that has such a large variety of vegetarian food. And it’s so good. And that soup, it’s the best thing ever.”

Despite the announcement, some regular past customers were unaware of the restaurant’s impending closure. Alice Vorbach, of Nashua, and her son, David, counted themselves among that group when they sat down to dinner at the Noodle House the same night as Roux.

Like Roux, the Vorbachs regularly came to the restaurant over the past decade, but had not visited the restaurant recently as often as they would like.

“We’ve always liked this place; it’s always been good,” Alice said. “We’ve always enjoyed it. We’ll miss it, because we’ve come here for a long time. It’s gonna leave a hole here.”