SAU 39’s 175-day school year proposal heads to Mont Vernon board

MONT VERNON– SAU 39’s proposal to implement a shorter, 175-day calendar in its three districts will move to the local School Board Thursday night.

The proposed calendar would cut the number of days students are required to attend school each year but extend each school day by 20 minutes, time that could only be used for added instruction.

The calendar was presented to the SAU board last month and was approved by the Souhegan Cooperative School Board last week. The calendar needs approval from the local board and the Amherst School Board in order to be implemented in the 2013-2014 school year.

Under the calendar, the school system could have up to five cancellations without having to make them up, as instructional time is added throughout the year.

The proposal could save the district money in transportation and other areas but cost more for special

education and various purchases. Transportation savings would be the most dramatic if the calendar were approved.

The current transportation contract for the school system ends in fiscal year 2014. The 180-day contract contains a clause reducing the cost per day by 45 percent for each day under 180.

Projected transportation savings for a 175-day calendar under this contract would be $8,613, which would be divided among the three districts.

If students only went to school for 170 days, transportation savings would be an estimated $17,227 to be divided among the districts.

The local board will vote on the proposal Thursday night during their regular meeting, beginning at 6 p.m. in the Mont Vernon Village School library. The vote will go to the Amherst School Board on June 21.

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