South students rally in Sidewalk Solidarity with Orlando victims

In the wake of the recent tragedies in Orlando, Nashua South students stepped up to show their support.

The deaths of 49 people at a gay nightclub and the injuring of 53 more, by a single gunman, has shaken the nation. It is an attack on the U.S., on the LBGT community, on freedom.

Lisa Yates‘ human relations class jumped into action, organizing a fundraiser during lunches to raise money for the Orlando shooting victims.

"There are so many people from the Orlando shooting that can’t pay their medical bills," said sophomore Hannah Hanson. "They didn’t wake up that day and expect to be shot at, and they were totally unprepared."

To show their support, all students were invited to write a message in chalk on the main walkway to the school. Among these were: "We love you," "Pray for Orlando," "Orlando Strong" and rainbow-colored pictures of the LGBT flag.

Paulina Tarr is a junior at Nashua High School South.