Mr. MHS funds scholarships

For years, beauty pageants have consisted of bathing suits, bleached teeth and bronzed skin, but Milford High School is putting those practices to rest.

Mr. MHS is a production that has been put on by the National Honor Society of Milford High School for the past two years as an event to earn money for scholarships the club gives out. This year’s contest, held March 31, brought in more than $1,000.

Tyler Soucy, a senior at Milford High School and lighting and sound professional, managed the production for a packed house of students and family members.

Senior Jeremy Wisbey led the gang with an enticing performance that kept the crowd in fits of laughter all night. Whether it was his classical rendition of "Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae)" by Silento, performing as an invisible man, or just looking dapper in his suit and tie, the crowd ate up every minute of it.

Wisbey trumped the competition and came home with the win, with a close second by another senior, Michael Schedin.

Unbeknownst to the crowd, Schedin made the night extra special for his sponsor, junior Christina Arnoldy. At the end of the show, Schedin surprised Arnoldy with a bouquet of flowers and a promposal she will never forget.

Even though the performance lasted only a night, the 10 contestants formed a bond over countless hours of practicing onstage.

"These guys became my brothers for a month. I’m really upset that it’s over," Wisbey said.

"It was a really fun show," said John Shaw, a friend of Wisbey’s who placed third. "Jeremy is a beautiful kid and deserved to win."

The night was filled with sassy strutting, beautiful sponsors, messy watermelon, and laughs to make it all complete. Talent ranged from impressions and musical numbers to accents and martial arts. Although Wisbey won the night, all the boys deserve thanks for their incredible performances.

Cailyn Chisolm is a junior at Milford High School.