Nashua Christian teams with cafe for coffee fundraiser

For the second year in a row, Nashua Christian Academy has partnered with Bonhoeffer’s Cafe and Espresso in Nashua to organize a coffee fundraiser.

For approximately a month before Thanksgiving to just before Christmas, teachers Jean Eastman and Beth Papia collected coffee orders from all the students. Students from the elementary, junior high, and high school went to family and friends to sell as much coffee as they could for this fundraiser.

As a school, NCA sold more than 300 pounds of coffee, which profited both the school and the cafe, as well as people in the countries of Ethiopia, El Salvador, Uganda and Papua New Guinea who grew the coffee beans.

Eastman, the event organizer and K-8 principal, thought "this year’s coffee fundraiser was a testimony to how much NCA families and friends love Bonhoeffer’s freshly roasted coffee." By doing this fundraiser through Bonhoeffer’s Cafe, exposure for both the school and the cafe is raised through friends and family.

The school did two big batches – one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Papia said, "The smell of the freshly ground coffee permeates the halls of NCA as the coffee is distributed." Every time a load of coffee was brought over to the school, everybody could tell just by the smell of all of the hallways.

"It’s a joy to watch over 300 pounds of coffee get delivered to the school, because the aroma is delightful," Eastman said, seeing all of the bagged coffee being distributed to families to enjoy or give as a gift.

During the fundraiser, multiple students volunteered with Bonhoeffer’s employee and NCA student Emily Desaulniers to help bag coffee.

"It allowed students to learn the benefit of hard work through volunteering to bag coffee as well as donating to a good cause," said senior and volunteer Joe Fournier.

With learning more about coffee and how to properly and professionally bag it, students benefited not only by earning volunteer hours, but also by developing new skills.

"The Nashua Christian Academy coffee fundraiser is quickly becoming a popular annual school event," Papia said.

The school cannot wait until next year when the annual coffee fundraiser begins again!

Emily Desaulniers is a senior at Nashua Christian Academy.