Bishop Guertin alumni share stories of college experience

BG’s seniors got an inside look at college life on Friday, Jan. 8, when the most recent Guertin alumni returned to talk about their experiences.

The Class of 2015 enjoyed lunch before moving in groups of about eight students to classrooms of seniors, who are currently in the final stages of the college application and admission process. This annual event is organized by the school and gives the seniors a chance to learn what to expect from the transition to college life.

The Class of 2016 heard about topics like the application process, classes and workload, roommates, independence, and adjusting to new surroundings.

"They gave some little pieces of advice they’d picked up so far, ranging from ‘sit in the front of lectures’ and ‘take plenty of naps’ to ‘do your laundry,’?" said senior Tim Morrison. "I thought the conversation was interesting and was glad to see that most of the alumni seemed to be enjoying their college life."

Since BG grads have scattered across the country, senior Jeff Steiner noted that it was interesting to hear about how their choices developed as they went through the application process.

"Some stayed here in New England, while others traveled south or west to places like the University of South Carolina or the University of Minnesota … One alum specifically said that during the admission process, her last choice became her first choice."

Steiner added that the information given over the course of the presentation covered "a plethora of topics" and gave the seniors a complete picture of college.

"My specific group of students each had a very different experience, which gave a wider view on how pursuing higher education can affect a student’s life," he said.

Senior Liz Barker agreed that the event provided useful insight. "It was informative and fun, as the students answered our questions truthfully."

BG’s alumni day allowed college students to reconnect with the school and the students as they shared their experiences, and the seniors had the opportunity to see what lies in store for them after they leave high school.

"College is a time for learning, but also a time for self-exploration, and each former Cardinal seemed to find time for each," Steiner said.

Holly Boivin is a sophomore at Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua.