Pets of the Week

Tiffany and William

Humane Society for Greater Nashua


Would you like the good news or the bad news first? OK, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Our owner became too ill to care for us and we are without a home after 14 years for me and 10 years for William in the same home. “This ain’t easy.” And the good news? We’re good pups. We’re both adorable dachsunds and we look alike, although William likes to keep his hair longer. We are inseparable and we are good with children although we’re older so we could be overwhelmed with busy, younger children. We are both healthy with no dietary restrictions. Just easy peasy dry dog food. William knows more commands than I, but I certainly know my share. And walking two dogs? What’s that like? Well, we walk very well together, but it doesn’t excite us much (we’re older pups).


Hi everyone and good day. We’re a pair, and I do mean pair, of 8-year-old black pups. We have lived together all these years and that should never change. My name is Annie and I’m the lab mix and certainly three times the size of my mate Sadie, who is a terrier mix. We’re hopeful that one of you comes along and provides us with our hopeful, happy, hound-free, home. We’re both good on a leash. Can I remind you that we’ve been spayed/neutered and microchipped. We’re both up to date on our vaccines, and we’ve been behaviorally evaluated. We’re just a couple of well behaved pups in need of a new home.

Sadie and Annie

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