10th annual Keefe Family Polar Plunge 2018 to benefit Sandy Depolito

The 10th annual Keefe Family Polar Plunge will take place on Saturday, Feb. 17 at noon in Seabrook, on the beach at the intersection of Hooksett and Ocean Streets. This year we will be taking our dip for a dear friend from Lowell, Mass., Sandy Depolito.

On Jan. 11 last year, Sandy lost her leg to a horrible disease called necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease. Sandy started having pain on Jan. 5, 2017 in her foot and leg and six days later her doctors had no choice but to remove it in three separate operations. Doctors have no idea how she contracted it. It was a horrific week for Sandy and her family.

Sandy has had enormous support since day one not because of pity, but because of the special mother, aunt, sibling and friend that she is to so many. Today she is the upbeat, take the rear view mirror down, vibrant person we all knew. Taking life and her disability on like everyone knew she would.

Our family is delighted to be taking our 10th annual Keefe Family Polar Plunge in honor of Sandy, with all proceeds going to her for a special apparatus that will make her life easier and more enjoyable.

You see Sandy has always loved the beach and everything about it. We hope to raise $10,000, so that Sandy and her family can purchase a “water leg” for her. The water leg would help her to take a shower standing up, and also allow her to go to the beach or swim in a pool without having to leave her leg behind.

What a beautiful gift this would be for her.

What a great way to start the year by rallying to a special person with a simple request to shower standing up and enjoy the beach.

This year my daughter, “Mad Dog,” and I will be taking our 10th dip, my son Miles’ eighth, Bill Doucette’s third and Turner Goodwin’s second. Dave Beati and Timmy Brown will make their second as well and debuting this year are Billy Finn, Billy Corcoran, Teddy Slattery and we are hoping for Big Paul Slattery. Key witnesses to the event are Kelly Slattery Britton, the ageless MVP photographer Kevin Durkin, Wink McCarthy and Jerry Flynn. Geo Scannell has given us an Easement to use his property as he has for the last ten years.

How to Donate:

1) By check: Make your check out to Sandy Depolito and mail to: Ray Keefe, 3 Howe Drive, Unit 2, Amherst, N.H. 03031

2) Online donations: A) PayPal: info@prepressplus.com and make a note to “2018 Polar Plunge” or Sandy Depolito

B) Venmo To: @Ray-Keefe, Reference: Sandy Depolito

Donating by Mail:

c/o Ray Keefe

3 Howe Drive, Unit 2

Amherst, N.H. 03031