The Healing Power of Unselfishness

Come to a free talk entitled “The Healing Power of Unselfishness.” Learn how to cultivate a practice of unselfishness. Being unselfish, giving of one’s time and affections is sometimes perceived as risky, naive or impractical. But because it is based on spirituality, it is our natural ability to relate to and genuinely care for each other. When we express that natural empathy and act from the heart, the recipient of our kindness is not the only one to benefit! Living in this manner, the giver is also a receiver. Find out how to build a foundation of unselfishness on which to base your life.

This 1-hour talk will be given on Sunday, April 2, 2:00 p.m. at Milford Town Hall.

Come join us with Lois Rae Carlson, our speaker. After difficult teenage years, Lois felt an early call to the healing practice of Christian Science. She took the basic course in healing at the end of her freshman year of college and her practice began in her college dorm. Her first healings of others included overcoming suicidal tendencies and drug addiction. Many of these healings were recognized by the Dean of Women at her school who encouraged her to take her ministry seriously.

Convinced that her greatest service to mankind would be through politics and government, her first job out of college was in City Hall. Despite the joy of many creative projects, she found that prayer was the key ingredient in accomplishing anything worthwhile. After two years she left government work for the full-time healing ministry. She has really loved seeing the shift in thought as people move from points of view too small for them to the wider arenas of thought that are natural to the children of God. With her commitment to serve she has been blessed with wonderful friendships, learned to strengthen her connection to her community and experience a happier mental outlook.

This talk is sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist in Milford NH. Childcare will be provided during the talk. For more information about this talk or about Christian Science, please contact The Christian Science Reading Room, 87 Union Square, Milford NH (On the Oval) 603-673-5274.

– Submitted by Paula Mader Brensinger