Academic Achievements



The following local students were named to the fall 2016 president’s list at the Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester.

FROM HOLLIS: Joshua Kratman, history and social studies education; Marc Nolin, accounting.

FROM HUDSON: Catrina Carson, accounting and finance; Carl Carson, marketing; Olivia Descoteaux, fashion merchandising and management; alyssa Dillon, elementary education/ gen. special ed.; Alicia Dufresne, business administration; Kimberly Eosue, psychology with conc. in mental health; Ashley Flohr, accounting; Amber Forrence, psychology with conc. in child & adolescent development; Heather Fraser, English language and literature; Christian Gamst, business administration; Emily Mascari, environmental science; Bradford Nadeau, marketing; Kellsey Sassak, elementary education; Nicholas Trowbridge, psychology; Juliana Vieira, psychology.

FROM LITCHFIELD: Robert Arsenault, computer information technology; Matthew Baddeley, business administration; Noah Benoit, social studies education; Jacqueline Capobianco, education; Megan Connor, psychology w/conc in mental health; Derek Jean, business studies in small business management; Morgana Kurth, elementary education; David Mailhiot, sport management; Emily Paquin, special education.

FROM LYNDEBOROUGH: Duncan Rae, business administration.

FROM MERRIMACK: Kelsey Boilard, elementary education; Joanne Coffey, marketing; Alexandra DeFelice, business administration; James Dickson, accounting; Devan Dorman, accounting; Dustan Dorman, accounting; Felicia Dowling, elementary education; Erika Downing, elementary education w/certification in gen special ed; Sierra Erickson, culinary management; Rebecca Frumkin, English language and literature; Fabian Gebauer, international business; Amanda Goddard, communication; Shannon Healey, fashion merchandising and management; Bradford Jarry, accounting; Gabriel LaForge, game art and development; Courtney Lindsay, accounting; Cassondra Marden, elementary education w/certification in gen special ed; Paige Monty, marketing; Emily Murphy, creative writing and English; Renee Murray, justice studies w/conc in crime and criminology; Sarah Sadhwani, accounting; Darby Shaw, elementary education w/certification in gen special ed.; Spencer Soulard, computer information technology; Jeffrey Stone, business administration; Elizabeth Tibbitts, economics and finance.

FROM MILFORD: Mohammed Alshammari, business administration; Logan Chaput, sport management; Yvonne Despres, mathematics; Jennifer Dupuis, business studies in business administration; Michael Murphy, marketing; Camden Severance, business admin. w/conc in small business management; Connor Severance, accounting and finance; Sydney Simo, business administration; Abigail Sullivan, business administration; Erin Tyrrell, business administration; Elicia Vallier, business administration.

FROM MONT VERNON: Hannah Chisholm, psychology; William Coursey, business studies in operations and project management; Michelle Cox, elementary education with cert. in gen. special ed.

FROM NASHUA: Megan Boland, graphic design and media arts; Adam Buskey, communication; Elizabeth Caswell, middle school science education; Savanna Costa, elementary education; Emily Desaulniers, accounting; Kristen Escobar, justice studies w/conc in law and legal process; Kayleigh Ivey, elementary education w/certification in gen special ed.; Natalie Jones, English language and literature; Cameron Joyal, justice studies w/conc in policing and law enforcement; Justin Kostopulos, history; Abby Meltzer, psychology w/conc in mental health; Alanna Murphy, sport management; Binh Pham, game programming and development; Victoria Roach, communication; Rhiannon Sliwa, culinary management.

FROM WILTON: Wilton Wade Cutler, justice studies w/conc in crime and criminology; Miguel Moya, business administration; Emily Rocca, psychology w/conc in child & adolescent development.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester.

FROM AMHERST: Jarrett Dodge, environmental science.

FROM BROOKLINE: Garrett Klausner, game programming and development; Mark Quinn, accounting and finance.

FROM HUDSON: Patrick Barry, business administration; Matthew Martin, communication; Thomas O’Hearn, accounting and finance; Sarah Rossetti, business admin w/conc in human resource management; Christina Salati, psychology; Sabrina St. George, graphic design and media arts; Katelynn Wagner, graphic design and media arts.

FROM LITCHFIELD: Tyler Butler, business administration; Jamie Carty, elementary education; Brandon Falcone, business studies in game design and development; Nicholas Gagne, economics and finance; Samantha Loring, creative writing and English; Shaun McLaughlin, sport management.

FROM MERRIMACK: Shaun Collupy, marketing; Nathan Cushman, special education; Andrea DeCinto, psychology; Taylor Jewett, hospitality business; Alyssa Jones, fashion merchandising and management; Vylette Leone, culinary management; Emily Major, elementary education w/certification in gen special ed.; Jessica Merchant, justice studies; Cassandra Redfern, psychology w/conc in forensic psychology; Jessica Sayer, environmental science; Christina Sayer, communication; Madison Young, accounting and Finance.

FROM NASHUA: Ashley Bentley, environmental science; Alexander Bergeron, accounting and finance; Jena Corkhum, psychology w/conc in mental health; Stephanie DePaolo, exploratory studies; Eric Drabinowicz, history; Darrien Jackson, business administration; Ambika Menon, early childhood education; Abigail Murray, early childhood education; Hannah Neverett, sport management; Chelsea Ulery, baking and pastry arts; Christopher Varrieur, business studies in sport management.


Ryan Clark, of Milford, was named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Miranda Kryskow, of Merrimack, a sophomore accounting major, was named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at the State University of New York at Oswego.


Cody Brown, of Hudson, a freshman music performance – keyboard major, was named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa.


Tyler Vartabedian, of Nashua, a sophomore aerospace engineering major, was named to the fall 2015 dean’s list at Syracuse (N.Y.) University.


Ronak Moradi, of Nashua, graduated in the fall of 2016 from the University of Akron (Ohio) with a Master of Public Admin in public administration.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 president’s list at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

FROM AMHERST: Emily E Ingram

FROM BROOKLINE: Elizabeth Margaret Elkin.

FROM HOLLIS: Mollie Elizabeth Gillis.

FROM MERRIMACK: Samantha W Anderson, Isabelle N Beauregard.

FROM WILTON: Tzofi M. Klinghoffer.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

FROM AMHERST: Riley William Connor.


FROM MILFORD: Michael W Frost.

FROM NASHUA: Parker O. Jamerson, David M Markowski, Paige Valerie St. George.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at the University of Delaware in Newark.

FROM AMHERST: Elise Bonenberger.

FROM BROOKLINE: Nicholas Noval, Joseph Spohn, Hannah Wilson.

FROM HOLLIS: Alexis Chilton, Sarah Cramton.

FROM HUDSON: Meagan McKinley.


FROM MERRIMACK: Madison Gutekunst.

FROM NASHUA: Danielle Cambray.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’ list at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Conn.

FROM AMHERST: Joseph Grassett, Sarah Kolopsky.

FROM HOLLIS: Madison cutler.

FROM MILFORD: Camden Soucy, Bryce Walker, Emily Wood.

FROM NASHUA: Katrina Fisher, Nathaniel Healey.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at the University of Maine at Orono.

FROM AMHERST: Michael Belanger, Emily Stauble.

FROM HUDSON: John Sojka.

FROM LITCHFIELD: Shannon Kerrigan.

FROM MERRIMACK: Gina Bates, Marissa Lynch, Sarah Perkins, Andrew Wojciak.

FROM MILFORD: Miranda Jacques.

FROM NASHUA: Sara-Lynn Horne, Stephen Waible.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’ list at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

FROM HUDSON: Jake Emmons, Jacen Hudson.

FROM MILFORD: Ryan Britton.


Haley Cannon, a psychology major from Nashua, was named to the fall 2016 dean’s list, with high h onors, at the University of New Hampshire at Durham.


Paul A. Lipari, of Nashua, was named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at the University of Notre Dame (Ind.). He will graduate in May, 2017 and will be employed by Antares Capital, LP, Chicago, Ill., as a financial analyst beginning in July.


Amanda Gordon, of Amherst, a senior majoring in apparel design and French, has been named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. Gordon has already accepted a position with Levi Straus in San Francisco upon graduation in the spring.


Meaghan A. Darwish, of Nashua, was named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 president’s list at Western New England University in Springfield, Mass.

FROM BROOKLINE: Timothy J. McLinden, an electrical engineering major.

FROM MILFORD: Isabelle M. Rivas, a biomedical engineering major.

FROM WILTON: William J. Tremblay, an electrical engineering major.


The following local students were named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at Western New England University in Springfield, Mass.

FROM HOLLIS: Ethan Sanborn, a mechanical engineering major.

FROM HUDSON: Matthew Gleason, an electrical engineering major.

FROM MERRIMACK: Anna Boucher, a business analytics information management major.

FROM MILFORD: Brittney White, a law and society major.


The following local residents were named to the fall 2016 dean’s list at Worcester (Mass.) Polytechnic Institute.

FROM AMHERST: Jamie Freud, a junior majoring in chemical engineering; daniel Oates, a freshman majoring in robotics engineering and computer science.

FROM BROOKLINE: Heather Bourassa, a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering and management engineering; Michaela Dowling, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, and society, technology and policy; Celeste Marsan, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering.

FROM HOLLIS: Brandon Fox, a freshman majoring in computer science; Hannah Modelski, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering: Nathan Rogers, a sophomore majoring in architectural engineering; Ryan St. Hilaire, sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering and robotics engineering.

FROM HUDSON: Brittney Lambert, a junior majoring in biology and biotechnology.

FROM LITCHFIELD: Christopher Beauregard, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering: Matthew Morais, a senior majorinig in chemical engineering.

FROM MERRIMACK: Shravani Balaji, a freshman majoring in chemical engineering; Cameron Collins, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering; Dylan Richardson, a sophomore majoring in computer science.

FROM MILFORD: Alexander Kasparek, a junior majoring in computer science and mathematical sciences.

FROM MONT VERNON: Patrick Fitzgerald, a junior majoring in physics.

FROM NASHUA: YaYa Brown, a freshman majoring in chemical engineering; Charles DeWitt, a junior majoring in chemical engineering, Eleanor Foltan, a freshman majoring in robotics engineering; Theresa Inzerillo, a sneior majoring in computer science; Hannah Jauris, a sophomore majoring in interactive media and game development; Larisa Motova, a junior majoring in computer science; Deanna Poirier, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering; Kunal Shah, a sophomore majoring in computer science; Kara Upton, a junior majoring in chemical engineering; Caleb Wagner, a freshman majoring in robotics engineering and computer science.

FROM NEW IPSWICH: Cory Tapply, a junior majoring in computer science.

Honor roll

Alvirne High School in Hudson has announced its honor roll for the second quarter of the 2016-17 school year.



GRADE 9: Josephine Alciere, Ryan Azevedo, Michael Bardsley Jr., Timothy Barrett, Rose Boudreau, Emma Burke, Colby Campbell, Sarah Davis, Alexis DeBlois, Jillian Desmond, Michael Dowling, Abigail Dubois, Alec Dubois, Hannah Ferrara, Sophia Garas, Jack Gasdia, Emma Greene, Danielle Hallam-lemon, Grace Hodgdon, Makella Houdagba, Grady Hudson, Garrett Hughes, Shreya Karri, Sara Kraus, Lauren LoVerdi, Jenniferann Martin, Kristina McCarthy, Marisa Morin, Eliana Ochieng, Sarina Pease, Hannah Peterson, Haley Porter, Isaiah Power, Rayanne Pruitt, Daniel Rezendes, Sara Ruigrok, Edward Sarcia, Jr., Ella Simpson, Tabitha Stevens, Katerina Szwec, Joshua Tate, Kevin Tierney, Grace Vaillancourt, Joshua Woodard.

GRADE 10: Jake Apitz, Lauren Balukonis, Damien Barahona, Arianna Battistone, Katelyn Bergeron, Nathan Boisvert, Portia Butrym, Allyson Cahill, Joseph Canelas, Joshua Charron, Maria Chouinard, Paul Chouinard, Harper Colburn, Jeffrey Crane, Alexander Fitzpatrick, Jessica Fontaine, Kaelyn Gagnon, Crystal Giard, Krista Gursky, Katelyn Jensen, Shawn Kelliher, Emily Kleiner, Garrett Lambert, Sarah Lavoie, Caitlin Lynch, Matthew Manning, Kelly McDermott, Emily Moloney, Celina Netz, Dhruv Patel, Haley Peaslee, Margaret Raposa, Julia Ryan, Alicia Salvalzo, Helen Smith, Ashley Somers, Kade Stewart, Vanessa Tran, Lauren Vecchiarello, Rugved Walvekar, Tiffany Wee Sit, Ryan Weston, Sarah Yi.

GRADE 11: Morgan Atherton, Adam Banatwala, Emma Beals, Amanda Blais, Hannah Bowen, Isabel Breakey, Hayden Callery, Jamie Calvagna, Owen Casciotti, Samantha Chase, Georgie Gentile, Matthew Hunter, Sungjeminla Imchen, Marina Kovalcin, Connor Lambert, Shaun Lynch, Jessica Moniz, Jarred Natola, Parth Patel, Dillon Pinard, Tyler Prather, Cameron Price, Antonio Serna, Cassandra Shelley, Sarah Thibodeau, Hanna Vaillancourt, Abby Watterson.

GRADE 12: Marcel Almonte, Rebekah Alpert, Robert Angelli, Amber Bardsley, Edward Barry, Kathryn Bellomo, Noah Bellomo, Olivia Beverlie, Jacob Bouchard, Blake Boulia, Robert Boutin, Jr., Emily Byers, Grace Carter, Madison Champagne, Alexander Christie, Brittany Clement, Taylor Clement, Alizah Colburn, Meaghan Connors, Shane Coughlin, Jamie DeAngelo, Benjamin Desrochers, Jessica DiCicco, Rebecca Dopp, Michael Earl, Lauren Ferentino, MacKenzie Fitzpatrick, Kristina Fontaine, Harrison Foti, Andres Garcia, Nathan Gosselin, Morgan Harris, Samantha Harrison, Laurel Hensch, Jacqueline Hoagland, Andrew Hotham, Jillian Houle, Joseph Infantino, Casandra Johnson, Mark Krawczyk, Dean LaMothe, Max LaSala, Caitlin Lindsay, Kyle Mack, Kylie Marcotte, Angela Martell, Daniel McCrystal, Jacob Mertins, Lauren Moore, Haillie Mousseau, Colleen Murphy, Danielle Nolan, Sarah Poole, Kevin Rancourt, Jessica Renna, Kelsey Richards, Isabelle Russell, Caitlyn Santiago, Holly Sanville, Shaylyn Saunders, Brooke Schreib, Sara Siteman, Keanna Smigliani, Mark Tarlavsky, Jackson Tarrant, Nicole Teague, Katherine Towle, Celine Tse, Jacob Wesson, Amanda Wetmore, Lauren Wilson.


GRADE 9: Isabel Biskaduros, Harshil Bodalwala, Andrew Boland, Sarina Bourdon, Anastasia Bradley, Jacey Bryant, Cassidi Burley, Jarrett Byrne, Olivia Cakounes, Alexis Charbonneau, Angela Chavira, Anthony Ciampo, Morgan Cicero, Brian Cleavitt, Timothy Connors, Nathan Cote, Michael Coulombe, Vanessa Delude, Matthew DeMarino, Jackson DeWitt, Maddisen Dwelley, Megan Fournier, Mark Francisco, Alexander Giuffrida, Angelique Guzas, Madison Hoyt, Jackson Hyam, Serena Johnson, Adam Jones, Matthew Khoury, Nicholas Lizotte, Josh McCarthy, Ivan Mimoso-Delgado, Meshack Mugariri, David Munson, Saram Nadeem, Jillian Nangle, Christopher Nunes, Kaylee Ouellette, Dakota Prather, Leah Rinaldi, Alexis Ripaldi, Danielle Santiago, John Sousa, Sophie Tate, Jared Todisco, Natalie Turcotte, Emily Wagner, Dylan Wells, Elizabeth Wilson, Maggie Zheng.

GRADE 10: Joshua Allard, Eric Arlin, James Bertrand, Ashley Blais, Jacob Briand, Nicholas Cardenas, Matthew Cassidy, Kiara Chase, Melanie Davis, Nicole Dion, Adam Dobek, Bridget Dopp, Nathan Dougan, Adam Dufault, Mary Ellis, Haley Gerace, Gabriella Gonzalez, Alana Gove, Thomas Granger, Victoria Gush, Kyle Harkins, Kelly Hill, Madison Hoglund, Craig Holmes, Sanen Imchen, Camden Jurewicz, Katherine Karafelis, Sarah Katsohis, Joshua Laine, Alexis Lessard, Madailein Lindsay, Tyler Lizotte, Heidi Londono, Kimberl Lopez-Carrasco, Kayleigh Maier, Ariadne Metzler, Dominique Milinazzo, Nashra Mohammed, Mary Rauseo, Trever Riendeau, Ryan Santos, Peter Schulze, Ava Smigliani, Jacqueline Smith, Emilienne Tarrant, Jessica Taylor, Caitlin Udice, Elizabeth White, Kathryn Wiggins.

GRADE 11: Drew Alves, Jeremy Bistany, Katherine Callery, Sarah Clement, Tyler Daigle, Hannah Davio, James Descoteau, Cameron Dionne, Samantha Ducharme, Jaylin Enright, Andrew Garas, Kendra Gerace, Hannah Honsdorf, William Horgan, Derick Loring, Leah Nicholson, Zachary Reddig, Katelynn Rice, Ava Scott, Payge Sirois, Nicholas Spargo, Zoe Speros, Jillian St. Onge, Hannah Truesdell, Joshua Trzcienski, Rileigh Wygant.

GRADE 12: Chris Aldana, Larissa Arebalo, Travis Arnold, Abrial Bergeron, Olivia Bertrand, David Bitler, Trevor Bolduc, Jenna Breault, Samantha Brownrigg, Patrick Cabrera, Katherine Colianno, Desiree Freeman, Garrett Frohman, Tyler Gagnon, Bradley Garcia, Mason Gilbert, Sarah Goodell, Gunnar Green, Kylie Hancock, Brad Hartwick, Lyndsey Hir, Nathan Kimborowicz, Brandon Lacy, Taylor Lantagne, Shawn Lavoie, Cara Layman, Joseph LeBlanc, Brandon Lescault, Alexandra Lewis, Brittany Livingston, Madison McClellan, Adam Morvant, Kendra Mulligan, Brianna Orleans, Caleb Peffer, Rachel Perron, Joseph Perry, Peter Ripaldi, Brianah Sellingham, Kayla Shamaly, Shane Sharland, Arthur Sheppard, Ashley Silva, Nikole St. Germain, Haley Summers, Edward Sweeney, Marissa Sweeney, Brittany Tabor, David Trenholm, Albert Vermette, Dagny Wilkins, Tamryn Williams.


GRADE 9: Kyle Boucher, Alex Boulay, Kacee Carnaghi, Alyssa Caron, Jack Clement, Hannah Covey, Colby Dillon, Jason Donohoe, Mariska Earl, Josie Eichler, Ellie Fauteux, Shannon Goocher, Kiera Green, Bailey Joviak, Thomas Keegan, Olivia Lavoie, Sara Leone, Allen James Mackay, Nicolo Mambro, James Marquis, Gabrielle Martino, Graziela Messina, Amanda Moniz, Helena Moreira, Ashlee Morel, Sydney Munroe, Jane Ostberg, Jocelyn Phimmady, Samantha Poole, Chloe Provencher, Autumn Robinson, Nicole Russell, Adam Scharn, Shelby Scott, Brett Sevigny, Ashley Sheridan, Samuel Slattery, Lily Sullivan, Ashley Superior, Matthew Tarlavsky, Victoria Thompson, Tommy Tran, Connor Urbach, Cody Vaillancourt, Kayla Warrington, Brittney Whiting, Bryce Wilkins, Shea Williams, Lindsey Zuccaro.

GRADE 10: Emily Avila, Emma Bates, Nath Beliveau-Robinson, Brandon Bickford, Skyler Bomba, Hannah Breen, Justin Carbonneau, Anthony Charbonnier, Margarett Chesna, Alex Clarke, Gabrielle Coffey, Corey Cormier, Matthew Cummins, Cassandra Darisse, Ale Dyszczyk-Christian, Emily Flannery, Brian Fortier, Caige Frost, Bridget Gilligan, Kiersten Green, Levi Griffin, Jessica Grisales, Emily Harrison, Tahira Haughton, Rebecca Labrie, Jacob Landry, Kelly Lavoie, Zoe Leone, Joshua Levesque, Michael Lussier, Cole Marchand, Cristian McGall, Samantha Mileski, Robert Pace, III, Owen Pedi, Siarra Randall, Sophia Reeve, Brooke Ross, Surina Sakati, Jackson Scourick, Cady Siteman, Matthew Sojka, Joshua Stratton, Adam Tice, Soleil Traverso, Isabelle Turcotte, Dean Wells, Rachael Willey, Ryan Zimmerman

GRADE 11: Michael Barrett, Ryan Breen, Sean Breen, Elijah Cunningham, Maddison Daigle, Maia Davila, Elizabeth DeRosa, Catherine Donahue, Emma Drasser, Micheala Earl, Alyssah-Lynn Fournier, Meredith Gauthier, Isaiah Gonsalves, Cameron Hilton, Melissa Huezo, Steven Jussaume, Katlyn Kimball-Sweeney, Noah Kimball-Sweeney, Hannah Kraemer, Sophia Lee, Kursten Lorrey, Felicia Manzi, Elizabeth Marr, Nolan Marr, Olivia Murphy, Juliana Page, Justin Paradise, Jeffrey Piantaggini, Nicholas Prescott, Emma Rinaldi, Megan Rivers, Matthew Robert, Luys Rodrigues, Chaster Ronquillo, Ryan Ruigrok, Autumn Saab, Nicholas Saucier, Adrianna Schafer, Jake Sevigny, Nathan Walker

GRADE 12: Tyler Almachar, Jason Amaral, Katelyn Ashcraft, Dylan Balser, Zachary Beckwith, Jack Brown, Sean Burley, Christina Cabral, Nathan Catinchi, John Cloutier, Feleesha Corduck, Jenna Marie DeVito, Matthew Ducey, Caitlin Echevarria, Justin Ferreira, Skylar Forsyth, Justin Hudgins, Megan Hurd, Kellie Kennedy, Kyle Kostro, Morgan Kyle, Stephen Lacasse, Madison Lambert, Cleo Laroche, Mitchell Lavoie, Kylie Letendre, Jonlyn Lippert, Hunter Marchand, Holly Montmarquet, Brandy Mussaw, Sarah O’Brien, Branden Orleans, Shivani Patel, Michael Perry, Tenzin Phentok, Zachary Polleck, Gianna Ricco, Franklin Roark, Michael Shah, Samantha Sheridan, Daniel Soracco, Corinne Sousa, Connor St. George, Kaleb Stinehelfer, Ashley Strokus, Travis Thompson, Shaye Thyne, Garion Twaddle, Jake Whiting.