Cats, bunny hear stories via Reading to Rescues

On Nov. 10, Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven members arrived at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua to participate in the Reading to Rescues program. Six youths had the opportunity to practice their reading skills on a very receptive audience, multiple cats and one bunny. The Humane Society staff even brought out Nubs, a sweet dog up for adoption, to greet the kids.

"The children from Nashua PAL were so well behaved and kind to the animals. Everyone had so much fun meeting them," said Susanna Hargreaves, HSFN board trustee and education chair.

Nashua PAL wants to thank the Humane Society for their attentive staff, who made the kids feel welcome and took the time to teach them important life skills, like how they should hold as still as a tree and keep their fingers tucked in when meeting a strange dog.

"We are so happy to collaborate with Nashua PAL and encourage a great work ethic in a fun way," said Hargreaves. "We are happy to nurture their interest in helping animals in our community, and the animals love the socialization. We appreciate Nashua PAL for visiting us and look forward to their visit next month, too."

The Reading to Rescues program is open for children ages 5 and older every second Sunday from 1-3 p.m. at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, 24 Ferry Road, Nashua.

Every kid deserves a PAL!

Submitted by Jen Miller, development coordinator, Nashua PAL