Fun with Father Joe; PMA celebrates National Vocation Awareness Week

Father Joseph Cooper had a visit with the students in grades two, three and four at the Presentation of Mary Academy in Hudson recently to celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week.

Father Joe is a regular at the academy as he conducts the monthly masses for grades five through eight. He talked to the students about what it means to be a priest.

There were lots of questions from the inquisitive audience, such as if he liked to sing at Mass and what games he plays with his two dogs. They were even shocked to know he has six brothers and sisters! He answered all in good spirit. The children were very excited to have their friend visit for the day.

The second-graders were enthusiastic to share their first holy communion news. Most students will be preparing for this sacrament throughout the school year.

PMA promotes love of all faiths and Father Joe reassured all the students that they would be welcome to receive a blessing if they were not receiving the eucharist.

The students applauded Father Joe’s announcement that his 21-year anniversary of priesthood was right around the corner.

Submitted by Presentation of Mary Academy