Veterans share experiences with students

HUDSON – The Presentation of Mary Academy has an annual tradition of inviting local veterans to speak to their eighth-grade students. This year, nine veterans joined the eighth grade in the library and spoke candidly with the students about their military experience.

Eighth-graders have the privilege of attending a trip to Washington, D.C., toward the end of the school year. Assistant Principal Kate Gaudreau introduced the veterans to the students and explained how important it was for them to know the history behind the monuments they will see in Washington.

The veterans introduced themselves and gave a shout-out to their branch of service. There were lots of jokes among the veterans regarding which branch had it tougher and who was stuck with the worst food. They spoke honestly to the students about the good and the bad of being in the military. Most agreed that the travel was an amazing experience, but it came at the cost of missing their families.

They emphasized strongly to the students that education should always come first no matter where your path takes you. Students asked questions about the scariest parts of their jobs and the largest obstacles they faced in combat.

The veterans were treated to a delicious lunch by Two Friends Cafe in Goffstown, which graciously donated a portion of the lunch. To all the men and women who have served in our military, we thank you for your service.

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Presentation of Mary