Bishop urges praying in wake of attacks

MANCHESTER – Bishop Peter A. Libasci of the Catholic Diocese of Manchester on Tuesday called on all New Hampshire Catholics and people of good will to pray and perform acts of repentance to end terrorist attacks and other ongoing violence here and across the globe.

"The current civil unrest in our country, the unspeakable violence in Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and in Nice, France, the violence and political instability in Turkey, and the ongoing suffering in the Middle East – all are clear expressions of a rampant evil in our time," Libasci said in a statement Tuesday.

"We, as individual Catholics as well as the Church as a whole, must do more," the bishop wrote in a letter to Catholics across the diocese, which includes the entire state.

The bishop asked the faithful to join in a day of fasting and partial abstinence on Aug. 12 and that prayers for peace be said at Masses statewide on Aug. 14. He also urged Catholics to say additional prayers for peace at Mass on Aug. 15.

"I am calling on all people to pray for an end to violence," said Libasci, who is the 10th Bishop of Manchester and spiritual leader of the state’s estimated 264,000 Catholics.

"Regardless of our differing religious beliefs, or differences in culture and background, the ongoing bloodshed in our country and abroad unites us in shock, horror and outrage. Let us turn to Almighty God with acts of atonement and reparation and ask Him to grant to our world His healing grace," he said.