United Way gives $32K to B&G Club

NASHUA – The United Way of Greater Nashua recently presented a $32,000 annual support grant to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua.

"The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua helps fill the gap between school and home," said Norman Bouthilette, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club. "More than 500 school-age youths enter our doors each day. The club’s af­fordable $35 annual membership makes it accessible to all elemen­tary, middle and high schoolers throughout our community.

"Our children live with challenged economic, social or family circumstances. We help ensure they have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.

"The United Way of Greater Nashua helps us provide diverse programming in each of our three priority outcomes: academ­ic success, the development of good character and citizenship, and adopting healthy lifestyles. These are the keys that open the doors to bright futures."

Mike Apfelberg, president of the United Way, said, "For many years, we have been fortunate to be able to help fund several of the critical programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua. When people think of the club, they often think of something like the swim team, but often don’t consider the impact which the club has on citizenship, academic success and the development of healthy lifestyles. These cornerstones of the club’s mission align well with United Way’s mission of supporting health, education and economic stability.

"United Way support helps the club to make these programs accessible and sustainable year in and year out. We are very proud of the work done by the club with Greater Nashua’s youth and pleased to be a key partner. Our donors appreciate that 100 percent of the support we provide goes to program costs, not administration, and that all United Way programs are thoroughly vetted, measured, audited and accountable for specific outcomes."

For more information about United Way of Greater Nashua, visit www.unitedwaynashua.