PMA performs ‘Fairy Tale with Attitude’

HUDSON – Presentation of Mary Academy recently put on their its first ever drama performance, "The Quest: A Fairy Tale with Attitude."

The characters begin in a classroom in the Fairy Tale Forest. All of the stu­dents in the magical class­room are sent on a quest to find the three ingredients to make a potion to cure Grandma.

The first stop is Snowy White’s cottage for the poi­soned apple. The characters move on to the Three Bears’ cottage for cold porridge and to Rapunzel’s tower for a lock of golden hair.

The cast had the au­dience laughing with physical humor and fight choreography. The show was performed for PMA students during the day and for families at night. This was the first show done by the Drama Club, and it was a success.

"What a performance," Principal Sister Maria said. "It was creative, comi­cal and clever. What an outstanding job done by the students and adult drama volunteers. It will be so exciting to see what our students can accomplish when our new arts center is built."

PMA offers a Drama Club summer camp for its students. For more infor­mation, call 889-6054.