Business leaders endorse Chris Williams

NASHUA – Six leaders of the city’s business, economic devel­opment and legal community en­dorsed Chris Williams for mayor on Tuesday, citing his efforts to expand passenger rail here and his early support for the Broad Street Parkway and development of the Millyard.

Williams will face off against Alderman-at-Large and former mayor Jim Donchess in the Nov. 3 general election to succeed May­or Donnalee Lozeau in the corner office.

Real estate developer John Sta­bile said Williams was an early supporter of the Broad Street Parkway, who saw its potential to resurrect the Millyard soon after he became president and CEO of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce 10 years ago. Stabile said the Broad Street Parkway was a key factor in his decision to build the 109-unit Apartments at Cotton Mill in the Millyard.

"I believe Chris Williams will best deal with the economic issues facing Nashua and will raise the tax base, not the tax rate," Stabile said at a press conference at City Hall Audito­rium.

Stabile was joined by recently retired Nashua Community Development Direc­tor Kathy Hersh, local attorney and former state Sen. David Got­tesman and businesswoman Alys­sa O’Mara in endorsing Williams. Local developer Rob Parsons, who bought the former district court house property, and entrepre­neur Becki Somers also endorsed Williams, but did not attend the press conference.

"Our city’s success depends on a modern understanding of how to grow our city’s economic, cul­tural and education systems. Plac­ing our city’s future in leadership will not work," Williams said. from three decades ago

Leaders praised Wil­liams for his leadership, ability to forge relation­ships to meet challenges and get things done, and vision to restore economic vitality to Nashua.

"He understands what’s good for the city is good for businesses and what’s good for the businesses is good for the city as well," Hersh said.

She cited Williams’ work to help create New Hamp­shire Rail Transit Authori­ty and raising private mon­ey to fund studies critical to the progression of the rail expansion.

Gottesman cited Wil­liams’ efforts to forge al­liances with the business and legal community to fight to keep Hillsborough County Superior Court in Nashua.

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