Nashua tech firm to vie for $100,000 prize

NASHUA – Seven New Hampshire technology companies will compete in Manchester on Thurs­day for the chance to win $100,000 dollars as part of Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Road Trip, a compe­tition to support startup businesses and entrepre­neurs.

The seven New Hamp­shire competitors, Adored, AlignRevenue, VidFall, FreshAir Sensor, Happs­Now, Fliq and Calibrater Health, will meet in Man­chester at FIRST, a sci­ence and technology non­profit, and will compete in the Rise of the Rest com­petition by giving a four-minute presentation to judges followed by a three-minute question-and-answer period.

Ric Pratte, CEO of Nashua-based AlignRev­enue, said their product is like a virtual whiteboard, allowing for prepared con­tent to encouraging meet­ing attendees to interact with each other using wid­gets. It can also be saved as a Web page and used again later, eliminating the need to take extensive notes dur­ing a conference call.

Pratte said in a world of easy internet searches and information sharing, customers and other busi­nesses are more attentive and informed of one anoth­er than ever, and conversa­tion between those parties can be more transparent and engaging as a result.

"I was thinking about how to help sales be more effective," Pratte said. "I like working on a white board when I’m in person, so I was trying to come up with a way to incorporate that electronically."

AlignRevenue was also 2014 Flatley Challenge and won free and private office space in the Flatley Innovaone of the winners of the tion Center at the Nashua Technology Park. ­

Revolution, the company presenting the competi­tion, looks for new busi­nesses and entrepreneurs, such as AlignRevenue, that have innovative tech prod­ucts and services. The goal is to help further their busi­ness by investing in and collaborating with them on their ideas.

Herbie Ziskend, a direc­tor at Revolution, said even though not everyone can win the competition, word is still spreading about the startups and their work.

"We think it’s going to help to tell the stories of what startups are doing and get people connected and ultimately lead to more in­novation and job creation, Ziskend said. "New jobs come from growing new businesses."

Steve Case, CEO of Revo­lution and co-founder of AOL, initiated the Rise of the Rest bus tours in 2014 to visit cities across the United States and offer an $100,000 prize to one of the competing startups in each city, which this time include Baltimore, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Manchester and Portland, Maine.

Thus far, $1.5 million has been invested in startup businesses across 14 cities including Detroit, Charles­ton, Pittsburgh and New Orleans through the Rise of the Rest initiative.

Throughout the day, Case will be joined by Gov. Has­san, Dean Kamen, CEO of FIRST, Matt Cookson, ex­ecutive director of New Hampshire High Tech Council and other local po­litical, business and civic leaders for discussions about New Hampshire’s startup economy.

Ziskend said during the night of the competitions, the tech company’s pitches will be interspersed with a smaller 30-second pitch competition given by rep­resentatives or staff of the various 2016 presidential candidates.

"We want to make sure that the candidates are sup­porting positions that will support entrepreneurs," Ziskend said.

Judging the competition are Case, Kamen, Julie Sam­uels, executive director of Engine, and Matt Rightmire, managing director at Borea­lis Ventures, and Hassan.

The competition begins at 4 p.m. at FIRST and is open to public RSVP on an event registration website, event­ o m p e t i t i o n – e v e n t – w i t h – s t e v e – c a s e – tickets-17853710930.

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