Hudson firm buys closed Goffstown school

HUDSON – A Hudson sensor company located in a 1960s-era buildings on Route 3A has bought Villa Augustina, an elegant Catholic school in Goffstown that shut last year, but it’s unclear what will hap­pen next.

RdF Corp. declined to comment when The Telegraph asked for their plans.

The company makes sensors for industrial and aerospace applica­tions. It is based on a series of one-story, yellow block-buildings at 23 Elm Ave., the name for a portion of Route 3A in north Hudson. The buildings date to 1960, and RdF ap­pears to have bought them in the late 1970s.

St. Claudine Villa Academy was founded more than a century ago by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, an or­der of Roman Catholic nuns. It shut in June 2014 after years of finan­cial problems, which started when the sisters pulled out in in 2008, selling the propery to the board for $400,000, and put the castle -like home on Mast Road in Goffs­town on the market.

In a press release, the academy board of directors said the sale of the property to RdF had recently been completed. A board member told the Union-Leader newspa­per that the sale price was around $700,000. He said he had no idea what RdF Corp. planned to do with the two buildings and 31-acre prop­erty.

The Villa campus was built in 1916. It has a four-story school and a separate Rosary Hall, which held a gymnasium and kitchen. The buildings total about 41,000 square feet and sit on 31 acres of land, which abuts property owned by Goffstown High School.

The Goffstown School District contemplated buying the prop­erty last year, but decided it was too expensive because of milions of dollars of repairs needed to the buildings.