Rapid Machining sponsor for ABC’s ‘BattleBots’ series.

NASHUA – When the robot named HyperShock fights as part of the ABC-TV program "BattleBots" this summer, one Nashua-based machine shop will be cheering it on.

Rapid Machining, 22 Charron Ave. in Nashua, is a formal sponsor and sup­plier of the machined parts for the Cambridge, Mass.- based team called Shenani­gans & Co. that built the robot.

The program, which originally aired on Comedy Central, pits homemade robots against each other, battling it out in a single episodes will air this sum­mer on ABC at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

"Rapid Machining works with thousands of manufacturers across the country. Rarely do we see the end result of our parts in action," Rapid Machin­ing President James Ja­cobs said in a statement. "It’s going to be fun watch­ing the competition."

HyperShock is de­scribed on the team’s web­site as a "drum spinner with hydraulic grabbing arms."

It has already won one contest, knocking out an­other robot in 35 seconds.

Rapid Machining, as its name implies, is a machine shop that specialized in rapidly creating parts and prototypes via computer-controlled lathes, milling and turning machines.

It has been very ac­tive supporting robotics teams, local engineering communities, and product development teams.

About Rapid Machining: HyperShock’s Webpage is at