NH maple syrup producers may have had record season

Maple producers are reporting a potentially record-setting season, according to the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association.

Totals are still informal, but could top 100,000 gallons of maple syrup, according to Robyn Pearl, spokesperson of the Loudon-based association . That’s about 10,000 gallons more than the state’s average over the past five years, she said.

The season was a bit of an odd one because lingering cold temperatures delayed the season, which normally runs from the last week of February through the first week of April in the southern part of the state and about two weeks later in the north, Pearl said. But sap ran well once the trees thawed out after snow storms in March and April, she said.

Last year was a poor to average crop, Pearl said, especially for those who still use sap buckets, but technologies like vacuum pipelines and high-efficiency evaporators let many producers take advantage this year, Pearl said.

New Hampshire’s maple industry brings in about $5 million annually, Pearl said.

Early last month, local maple producers were split on the quality of the season. Some said it was a bumper crop while other were glad to get back to average after two less-than-stellar seasons.

“I’ve had mixed reviews,” Pearl said at the time. “I’d say overall, people are feeling it was better than last year.”

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