BAE to provide weapon sights to Army under $56m contract

LEXINGTON, Mass. – BAE Systems will provide thermal weapon sights to the Army under a $56 million contract.

The second-generation sights are heat-seeking devices used by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to spot the enemy from great distances. They are mounted onto rifles and other weapons and work like infrared viewfinders, allowing soldiers to home in on targets as far as 2,000 meters, at night and through smoke.

Under the contract, BAE Systems will provide light, medium and heavy variants for use on individual and crew-served weapons.

This order is the most recent under a five-year indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with the Army’s Research and Development Command Acquisition Center. A previous award increased BAE Systems’ total thermal weapon sight contract value to more than $1 billion since 2004.

To date, BAE Systems has delivered more than 94,000 sights to the Army.