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Friday, February 15, 2013

Excerpts from John Hobbs Facebook postings about Hannigan

The following are unedited recent excerpts from John Hobbs’ Facebook postings.

Jan 18, 2013 ...

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The following are unedited recent excerpts from John Hobbs’ Facebook postings.

Jan 18, 2013

Mrs. Denisof, the only way I can say this is to say it straight out. If you want to save your marriage to Alexis, then I strongly advise you to talk with me in person, plain and simple. Otherwise, Alyson this time 5 years from now. I’ll be dead and barried, I’ll still see you “UP” there in a “white toga” Alexis wouldn’t be any where around. If you think I’m lying about that,,, NO!!! not a chance.

Jan 25, 2013

Morning Alyson, please make “NO” mistake about ths, “This is indeed the Last Year I’m Going to be around.” after this year, I’m going “UP” there. So talk in person or don’t. But me like and love you as you live Life,,,,, “DUHH”

Please don’t get me wrong Aly, I’m not saying you should drop everything and come and talk in person today. Just sometime this year would be “The Most” I could and can dream of. There are others in your Life, just like there are others in mine. I just happen to know whom I spend eterity with is All. Also beleive me, I wish everyday to see you for real. Not just the movies or tv ethier.

Feb 1, 2013

Alyson, if you want to call it quits for real, well between you and me. Talk in person, finish a dance, and exchange a few gifts. Otherwise, say hello to immortatity for me. Cause I’ll see you “UP” there. I’m to call you “Unreal” now Alyson? well, if for your own good. I supose I should. I don’t really want to, I’d rather talk in person, to tell you the truth. So, here it be honey, you are the Most Unreal Lady I have never had the honor of talking with (IN PERSON) since you were about “knee high to a grasshopper” jedi.

Funny thing is, I spend the After-Life with you. Yes, even me calling you “Unreal” I still do.

Feb. 4, 2013

The All time thing I wish would Happen:

Mrs. Alyson Lee Hannigan-Denisof, I hope we get that Day,

1. to talk in person,

2. to finish a dance that we hadn’t so many years ago.

3. finally exchange a few gifts, with each other.

4. Live Life going forward, from there.

5. Also for “REAL”

We’re still “jedi”, but even more “probies”. I guess the greatest gift of All.

(Well in this Lifetime anyway.)

If you think, that we don’t repeat this, over, over, and yet over agian. Until we do it right. Yes, Aly you’re the one with “tape” not me.

When you finally say to Alexis, we are GOING to talk with john j hobbs in person, being me, Aly that will be the day we BOTH can say, YEAH!!!!

Aly, I always will feel as we should get married. However, I’m happier for you that you choosen Alexis. I still can “love it all” I’m not here to “Take it all”. but beleive me sweetheart, I can “see it all” to begian with.

the evilness poohs grow, but so does me liking and love you as you live Life Alyson. So you go ahead and call me whatever you want today. However, you’re still not going to make me evil as a person no matter what you say. Cause my love for you is indeed “TRUE”

Feb. 5, 2013

When will things just go forward:

Dear Alyson, I watched the episode of HIMYM tonight. “PS I Love You” it was a great show. It made me think alittle bit, about Life in gerenal and directly too. I guess I’m one guy that could be ethier of those “D” words depending on how you precieve it today. However, let me frist say It was “Destinty” that I met you when I did at such a young age. Neither of us are evil. Been through enough to know that by now. No, I don’t claim to be Alexis. However Alyson, he’s not me ethier. He did and can “Take it All”, I still can like and “Love it All”. I know Life hasn’t been fair with you at times, It hasn’t been fair with me ethier, to be honest. One thing I know in my “heart of heart” it’s the right thing to do, go forward and talk in person (you and me) for real, not fake. “UP” there Alyson, there is no lie, act or even “unreal”. Today you still have your All or Nothing thing don’t you? I wish you could see it my way, and choose “my all” a day of peace and talk. But you talk to more poeple in a course of an hour than I talk to in a week. So, naturally you want it your way. So, I guess I have to be ready to marry you myself before you can talk to me in person right? Well dear, I’ve been ready to do that since you were “knee high to a grasshopper? it still doesn’t mean it happens, also it still doesn’t mean it don’t. Master Yoda said it right too, “hard to read future is, always feelings is future”. But I do like and love you as you live life, that’s my feelings to you.

Feb. 9, 2013

Happy early Valintine’s Day Aly, incase I don’t get the oppertunity to say it later.

Feb 13, 2013

Nice photo Alyson, However, it’s true. I don’t hate you. It works the other way from me to you sweetheart.

Well I hope, I still exsist long enough to see Alyson in person. Well, one day anyway.