Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The buzz on Facebook: The voter ID law

When Michael Gallagher was asked for his ID on Tuesday, he gave it.

“The woman working at Ward 5 in Nashua then thanked me because it helped her find me on the list,” Gallagher said.

Not everyone was so willing to comply with the initial phase of the state’s new voter ID law.

“Specifically did not,” said Eric Klaft. “And then chided the poll worker for telling the elderly voter in front of me … she ‘would need an ID to vote in November …’ Simply not true! Made a bit of a scene with the ‘moderator’ of elections about it, but hopefully, they will tell people the truth!”

Gallagher and Klaft were among the more than two dozen people who weighed in on The Telegraph’s Facebook page Tuesday when asked about the new law. Voters in Tuesday’s primary were only asked for an ID; those unable to produce one could still vote.

In November, however, those without an ID will have to sign an affidavit before voting.

It was a mixed bag of opinions on the Facebook page, as some said there is nothing wrong with asking voters for an ID to help protect against voter fraud.

“No problem whatsoever here in Hudson when I went,” said Thom Isanski. “The poll workers were extremely helpful. I think NH was very careful in the way they set up this law to accommodate everyone that wants to vote, and preserve the integrity of the vote.”

“Yes I did … and did so gladly!!” said Paul Dionne.

Some said the law will create more issues than it will help solve.

“This ID to vote law is gonna be an issue for young voters, the disabled and the elderly in November,” said Jennifer Mary. “Truly is a disgrace since voter fraud happens only .0004% of the time. Thanks for the Republicans’ attempt at ruining YET another election.”

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