Monday, February 27, 2017
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong activity for Nashua men

Two Nashua men were arrested on drug-related charges after police said they were caught with heroin in – of all places – a police department parking lot.

A police officer in Lawrence, Mass., spotted a car parked in an area of the department’s lot reserved for police cruisers Monday and walked over to investigate. He spotted the driver, Llyass Nebih, 25, of Nashua, about to inject heroin, Chief John Romero said.

Nebih and his passenger, Thony Sengsoulya, 29, of Nashua, were arrested and scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday at Lawrence District Court, Romero said.

“It doesn’t happen every day. It was the talk of the station,” Romero said. “Clearly, there were marked police cruisers everywhere.”

Nebih was charged with possession of heroin. Sengsoulya was charged with knowingly being present where heroin is kept. Both charges are felonies, Romero said.

Nebih reportedly said, “I’m stupid, so (expletive) stupid,” when the arresting officer approached him, Romero said.