Monday, February 20, 2017
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opinions not high of O’Brien among Facebook users

Speaker of the House William O’Brien, R-Mont Vernon, is a polarizing figure, even on Facebook.

“Leadership? He’s a robot with marching orders from a national movement, not a leader with NH in mind first,” wrote Elise from Nashua, when asked about what she thought of O’Brien’s leadership style in Concord.

In this weekend’s Sunday Telegraph, “Bill O’Brien: Rise to Power,” a four-day series, will be launched examining O’Brien’s methods since taking the gavel, but also looking at what has shaped his political views.

O’Brien hails from Mont Vernon and part of the series will take a look back at his time in the small village, speaking with people he served with on boards there. The series also will examine the accusations made against O’Brien’s leadership style, including claims of bullying and manipulating the timing of votes.

Those who weighed in on O’Brien on The Telegraph’s Facebook page Tuesday were generally unfavorable toward him.

“He lacks leadership skills, decorum, and is unable to focus on issues before him,” wrote Sue of Nashua. “Unfortunately, his coping mechanisms make national news.”

“Bully. Enough said,” wrote Tara of Nashua.

There are others who believe O’Brien is championing the Republican cause effectively.

“He’s a liberal’s worst nightmare!” wrote a user named Peter.

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