Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Oil, grease bubble up at Texas Roadhouse

NASHUA – Firefighters, a haz-mat crew and public health officials were among those summoned to the Texas Roadhouse, 580 Amherst St., Sunday afternoon when some type of malfunction in an underground storage tank caused oil and grease to bubble up through manhole covers and ooze into the parking lot.

“It’s a mess,” a witness posted on Twitter from the scene.

Deputy Fire Chief Brian Rhodes said crews were spreading absorbent material to try to contain the streams and puddles that accumulated in the lot.

The initial call to authorities reported a motorcycle accident in the parking lot.

It’s not clear whether there was an accident, but first-arriving crews discovered the oil and grease problem at that time.

Texas Roadhouse, near the corner of Cellu Drive, shares a parking lot with TJ Maxx, Panera Bread and Target. It’s not immediately clear how much of the lot was affected by the oil and grease.