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  • Doreen Dufresne
  • File photo by Bob Hammerstrom
    In this 2004 photo, Doreen Dufresne sits in a car donated to her by a charity program, Wheels to Work.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Former Milford woman allegedly tried to have her husband in Florida killed

A former Milford resident whose hard-luck stories once appeared in The Telegraph has admitted to Florida police she asked a man to kill her husband.

Doreen Dufresne, 50, now of Port Orange, Fla., is out on bail after police said she confessed to trying to have her third husband killed for $25,000.

A decade ago, when living in Milford, Dufresne was featured in numerous Telegraph stories about a string of difficulties. They include a fire in her mobile home in 2000 from which she escaped by climbing out a window; the bizarre 2001 death of her second husband in Goffstown; a bout with breast cancer, for which her friends organized a fundraiser in 2002; and in 2004, a donation of a car to Dufresne through a charitable program.

Her second husband’s death in 2001 was declared a suicide after he was found to have swallowed anti-freeze over an extended period of time. Police in Goffstown have told media outlets that they have no plans to reopen the case.

Dufresne was charged in Florida on March 14 with solicitation to commit a murder. She admitted to police she did want her third husband dead and said she regretted soliciting the hit.

According to Florida news reports, police say the case went like this:

Police say she approached a friend, Brandon Parrish, on March 1 and told him she knew he had a criminal history and asked if he could “take care of” her third husband, Neil Suchy, 70. She told Parrish she would be willing to give him, or whoever carried out the hit, all of her husband’s $25,000 life insurance policy.

Parrish declined but told Dufresne he would help her find someone to carry out the murder, a tactic he told police he used to stall Dufresne from finding another hitman.

“I just didn’t want to go the rest of my life knowing I could have prevented someone from being killed,” Parrish told ABC affiliate WFTV.

Dufresne allegedly provided Parrish with detailed, handwritten instructions on where to find Suchy over the course of a few days, a description of his truck and directions to the lot for his new mobile home in Williston, Fla., Parrish told police.

Dufresne told her friend that Suchy had “taken off with the money he had promised her” and also alleged that he had “struck her and that he also allegedly molested her granddaughter,” the arrest report stated.

Parrish took this information to Suchy, who visited the Port Orange Police Department the next day and asked to speak with an officer.

He confirmed to police that he and his wife of two years were estranged, the arrest report stated.

According to public records, he married Dufresne, whom he had known for more than 20 years, two months after his own wife died.

Suchy told police Dufresne was upset that they had separate bank accounts and that he did not chip in to support her adult daughter and 2-year-old granddaughter, the arrest report stated.

When confronted by police about discrepancies in her story, Dufresne allegedly said, “Neil and I have been fighting a lot lately.”

Dufresne was released from Volusia County Jail on $25,000 bail.

When she lived in Milford, friends established a bank fund to help pay for bills relating to breast cancer treatments and held a fundraiser in Milford Middle School in 2002. In 2003 she reportedly received a clean bill of health.

In a 2004 story about her health and financial problems, The Telegraph reported that Dufresne’s car had been totaled in an accident with a tractor-trailer and the injuries she sustained forced her to retire from a job as a nurse because she could no longer lift patients. She received a free loaner vehicle from a program called Wheels to Work.

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