Friday, February 24, 2017
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James Button is running for the Lyndeborough Budget Committee.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Byam retains seat on Lyndeborough Board of Selectmen through write-in vote

LYNDEBOROUGH – What happens when there’s an important town position on the election ballot and no one files to run for it?

The victory goes to the non-candidate who gets the most people to write his or her name on a ballot.

That’s what happened here Tuesday when Arnold Byam pulled in 142 write-in votes and will retain his seat on the Board of Selectmen.

That, and three positions on the town’s Budget Committee, were the major decisions made by voters on Tuesday.

They have more decisions to make on Saturday, when Lyndeborough will hold its traditional Town Meeting.

In the race for Budget Committee, incumbents Don Guertin (193 votes) and James Button (179) were re-elected and will be joined on the committee by Sandra Schoen (164), who took the third position over Corey Cheever (98).

A ballot question seeking adoption of changes in the town’s Home Business Ordinance was adopted, 171-55.

In another ballot question, voters rejected a move to adopt the provisions of Senate Bill 2, which would allow the district to make decisions on warrant articles at the polls rather than at a traditional school district meeting. The vote was 135-102.

On Saturday, voters will discuss a $1.5 million operating budget, plus warrant articles totaling $248,730.

– Telegraph staff