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Friday, March 2, 2012

“We The People” holds conference call protesting Obama’s policies

NASHUA – M.J. McCobb has watched her husband, a two-term U.S. Air Force veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, come home to a good job for which he was trained, only to lose it in September due to defense budget cuts.

The Nashua mother of three said the couple has watched their savings dwindle as they try to make ends meet in an economic climate she blames on the policies of the Barack Obama administration.

McCobb was one of several callers who took part in a We The People and Americans for Prosperity-NH conference call Thursday that, because of the snowstorm, replaced the political groups’ scheduled “Occupy Jobs Now” rally at Norton’s Diner in downtown Nashua.

Hosted by Americans for Prosperity state director Corey Lewandowski and We the People founder Jennifer Horn, the call drew several local reporters and a couple of uninvited guests who said they thought the conference was public.

Lewandowski and Horn said they timed the rally to coincide with Obama’s departure from his earlier visit to Nashua Community College. The purpose, they said in brief opening statements, was to shine a light on “regular” people whom they allege have been hurt one way or another by Obama’s policies.

“While President Obama is occupied touting the alleged success of his economic policies, we will be hosting a discussion with New Hampshire business owners and unemployed workers whom the president’s policies have bailed on instead of bailing out,” Lewandowski said.

Added Horn, “We must send a loud, clear message that New Hampshire rejects his ‘change’ and demands a return to fiscal sanity.”

McCobb, meanwhile, said her husband, after a series of low-paying, part-time jobs, found a full-time position that he starts next week. The good news, she said, is tempered by the fact it pays roughly one-third of the one he lost in September.

“With prices of everything increasing, especially the cost of gas, I don’t know how far our savings will take us,” she said. “Nobody I know is asking for a free ride here. We’re asking for jobs,” McCobb added.

She and Horn also assailed “Obamacare,” saying it puts an undue burden on businesses.

“I just don’t understand how Obamacare is going to help (people) start or grow small and medium-size businesses,” McCobb said.

Horn added that such mandates, along with current regulations she calls burdensome on all sizes of business and corporations, snuff out potential jobs.

“When it costs more to do business, they hire fewer people,” Horn said.

Asked if she believes gas prices would drop if most, or all, government regulations were lifted from big oil companies, McCobb yielded to Horn, who said McCobb wasn’t intending to speak directly on specific policies.

“It’s the overall compilation of policies coming out of Washington now that have an effect on all prices,” Horn said. “This is a president who spends a lot of time blaming George Bush and the oil companies for gas prices, but average prices have gone from $1.86 a gallon to almost $4 since (Obama) has been president.”

Asked which issue Obama should address immediately, Horn and Lewandowski agreed: Stop spending and cut taxes.

“That would have the most immediate positive effect on the economy,” Horn said. “We also have to develop a domestic fuel source, develop sound American energy programs.”

As for the McCobb family, it’s their faith that’s helping them get through, M.J. McCobb said.

“God’s been our rock. We have a lot of faith in him. I only wish we could have the same faith in our president,” McCobb said.

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