Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One-way traffic leads to voter confusion on Lions Ave.

When Hudson residents went to vote Tuesday, many were surprised to discover that Lions Avenue had become a one-way street. For that day only, drivers had to enter Lions Avenue from Adelaide Street and exit onto Hurley Street.

Lions Avenue is where the community center is, the sole polling place in Hudson.

Selectman Rick Maddox worked with Hudson police to arrange this temporary set-up.

Hudson residents, however, were not made aware in advance.

Selectman Ben Nadeau, who was unaware of the change until arriving at the polls, agreed that, in hindsight, residents should have been notified and that the change could have been better advertised.

Signs indicating that Lions Avenue was a one-way street were placed at the intersections of Lions Avenue and Adelaide Street and Lions Avenue and Hurley Street but not on any of the main access roads leading to the community center.

The change was made in response to traffic conditions during the last presidential election.

One Hudson resident was particularly frustrated by the lack of notification. She had only 20 minutes to vote before picking up her daughter and, due to the temporary traffic arrangement, had to leave and come back to vote later in the day.

While some were upset by the lack of notification about the change, others found the change itself to be more convenient, as it made it easier to pull out of handicap parking spaces.

There are plans to continue this traffic arrangement for the town elections in March and the presidential election in November.