Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All about Obama at Hollis polls


Staff Writer

HOLLIS -- Robert Scott of Merrill Lane considers voting his civic duty. But on Tuesday morning what motivated him were the letters “A,” “B,” and “O.”

“Anybody But Obama,” the 62-year-old custom home builder explained.

The polls here opened at 7 a.m., and Scott, who was among the wave of early voters, said he came armed with information culled from watching the debates and attending a symposium in Manchester on Saturday sponsored by the National Review magazine.

“With the social media and the Internet, you really can get as much information as you need,” Scott said. “But I still value the effort the candidates make locally.”

He didn’t name his pick, however.

By contrast, Depot Road resident Joe Elliott, who runs a science education company, was quick to provide the name of his candidate.

“Barack Obama,” the 63-year-old voter declared. “I believe in what he’s doing, and we don’t need any more right wing nut jobs running the country. We need to take care of all of the people, not just some. We have an obligation.”

Elliott said he started doing his political homework early.

“I listen to ads and they nauseate me, frankly,” he said. “The things Mitt Romney says in his ads. This isn’t a failed presidency. The Republicans created the problems for the Democrats. George Bush, the venture capitalists ... When we talk about Wall Street, we’re talking about Mitt Romney. ... They don’t create jobs, they fire people. It’s how they make money, from firing people. They cut overhead” to make more money.”

Faye Farrington, 62, a high tech manager, said she voted for Romney.

“We need someone who knows the economy. It’s most critical,” she said. “We’re at a crossroads as a country, either a European-style welfare state or free enterprise, a clear choice in my mind.

Farrington said she met Romney recently and “it made a difference.”

“It was confirming,” she said.

Tina Murguia, 47, a stay-at-home mom and homemaker, said she had voted for Romney.

“I wanted someone who could beat Obama,” Murguia said.

Meeting the candidate cemented her choice, the voter added.

“It makes them seem like a real person,” she said.

And Murguia had company, Twiss Lane resident Roberta Vigliani.

The 48-year-old Massachusetts native who works as a business manager for a Boston publishing company said she was comfortable with Romney, given he’s a familiar face and known quantity to her.

“He’s been around a long time,” she said. “I felt strongly for him from the start. ... I’ve know of him for years and I appreciate what he did in Massachusetts.”