Sunday, February 19, 2017
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  • Staff photo by GRANT MORRIS

    Patrick and Jennifer Nelson walk with their four year-old daughter, Pearl to their car after picking up some items at Trader Joe's in Tynsborough, Mass., Tuesday afternoon. The Tyngsborough Trader Joes will be relocating just over the border into Nashua at Webster Square sometime next year.
  • Staff photo by GRANT MORRIS

    Merrimack resident Beth Rowe grabs a shopping cart outside of the Tngsborough, Mass., Trader Joes, Tuesday afternoon. The grocery store will be relocating into Nashua's Webster Square some time next year.
  • Staff photo by GRANT MORRIS

    A sign painted on the window at the Tynsborough Trader Joe's denotes its establishment in 1998. The Tynsborough location will be relocated to Nashua's Webster Square sometime next year.
  • File photo by GRANT MORRIS

    A woman stands underneath the Trader Joe's sign in Tyngsborough last June. The store will move to Nashua's Webster Square on July 16.
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trader Joe’s scheduled to come to Nashua in 2012

NASHUA – The Trader Joe’s grocery chain will reach New Hampshire next year when the Tyngsboro, Mass. store relocates to Nashua, company officials announced this week.

The Tyngsboro store, located just across the state line on the Daniel Webster Highway, is scheduled to move sometime in 2012 to Nashua’s Webster Square, company spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki confirmed in an e-mail to the Telegraph.

“Although we don’t have an exact date, we are scheduled to open the new location sometime next year,” she wrote in the message.

The new store, only the second in northern New England, will be larger than the current Tyngsboro location, which sits next to the AMC movie theater just south of the Pheasant Lane Mall. And it will offer wine in addition to its full of range of grocery items, Mochizuki said.

More importantly, however, customers won’t have to pay sales tax at the New Hampshire store, they said Tuesday.

“That’s the key word,” Leo McCarthy, of Hudson, said Tuesday as he packed his groceries into his car. “This place is already pretty affordable, but that will make it even better.”

Over 50 years in business, Trader Joe’s has built a reputation for quality and affordable products. It’s wood-paneled walls and Hawaiian shirt-clad cashiers draw a stark contrast with traditional supermarkets, and most of its products are purchased directly from suppliers and marketed under the Trader Joe’s brand name to keep costs low, according to the company website.

Nationwide, the company has more than 350 stores, including 17 in Massachusetts. But it has been slow to expand to northern New England states, with one site in Maine and none in Vermont.

Company officials have not announced plans for any other New Hampshire stores.