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  • Ray Buckley
Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buckley gets number affected right when it comes to Medicare

Says Jon Huntsman supports changes in Medicare that would deny guaranteed benefits to 980,000 New Hampshire residents.

NH Democratic Party statement by Raymond Buckley released Monday, August 29, 2011.


Our Ruling

The New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair said Huntsman supports a GOP Medicare plan that would deny guaranteed benefits to 980,000 Granite Staters. He's right about Huntsman's position and the number of New Hampshire residents that would be affected.

But he ignores that there is the possibility that the current benefits could be trimmed and he is exaggerating the facts about the Ryan plan. Many details about the plan are still unclear, particularly what would be covered.

The use of the word "guarantee" suggests something more certain in the future than is supported by the current state of the economy and the health care law. It suggests that hard choices for somebody don't lie ahead and that's not very likely.

We rule the statement Half True.

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