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  • U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., answes a question during the first New Hampshire Republican presidential debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH., Monday night, June 13, 2011. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Politifact 2012: Bachman’s groceries claim inflated

"If you threw a barbecue yesterday for the Memorial weekend, it was 29 percent more expensive than last year because Barack Obama's policies have led to groceries going up 29 percent."

- Michele Bachmann on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 in a radio interview with WKXL-AM in Concord, N.H.


Our ruling

Bachmann says Obama is to blame for a 29 percent increase in Memorial Day barbecues, but she's way off on both counts. Her figure comes from a New York Post article that relied on prices in the expensive New York metro area; national figures show the increase was much lower, about 9.9 percent. And she blames Obama for the increase when experts say he and his policies have little, if any, impact on food prices. We find her claim False.

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